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June 07, 2005


Ed Word

God damn computer isnt makeing sounds come out!! ugh, no fmu archives no Kenny G blog posts about pornographic music. and more horrific... no makeing of music.

Well at least I will get to hear Kennys first show tomarrow.



Thanks Ken, I haven't heard this one in years
This was the album that made me begin to think country music had validity.


Thank you so much! Have been trying to track down a COuntry Porn since Chinga's cameo in Kinky Friedman's book 'Elvis, Jesus and Coca Cola' (I think it was that one anyway).

Krys O.

'Country Porn' was re-issued on Fruit of the Tune back in the early 90's. It was released just before R. Stevie Moore's 'Contact Risk.'


Just wanted to say HI to all you Country Porn fans out there. Its been a long time.


Chinga Chavin is now an Adverting Executive here in NYC

Linn Hoopes

Bought the album in 1982 in So. Ca., $ 3 .89 brand new I think. Sold it for 5.00 a year later and have kicked myself in the ass ever since. Great tunes!!


When I was stationed in Beirut, Lebanon during the late 70's, one of my folks, a lad from Texas, had a record of "Country Porn".
I taped the disc (unfortunately at 50 cycles, so I couldn't play it in the US). I played it often, and one of my fondest memories of the record was while I was screwing a dancer from the Casio. Just as I was about to get my cookies, she started laughing uncontrolably. I considered that she was having a great climax, and it was a fantastic erotic experience. Afterwards, however, I discovered that she was laughing at the line from "Asshole from El Paso" "...fucking sheep was good enough for us".
I promptly advised her that the only fucking to which she was supposed to give her attention was that by me!
Fortunately, I was recently able to download it on a CD, and enjoy it once again.


Even after having some neurosurgery done to me last year, I still remember 'Cumstains on the Pillow' and how much of a laugh riot it is...... thanks a ton!


Thank you for this. I still have this on a cassette that has "adult country" artists Bowley & Wilson on one side, and this album on the other. This brings back memories of junior high/high school. Thank you kind sir!


Bass player Bob Herman was my cool buddy.....rock on Bob




Great to find it! People around here are going to enjoy! Will have to advise about playing at work tho!! I can remember playing this in the background very low when my to-be inlaws came over. My wife and I didn't realize it was on our reel-reel. We both glanced at each other and I casually sauntered over and put on a different tape! Love it and glad to find it again!!!Q


i ordered the album through penthouse magazine in 1976. i have the cassett but would like to order the cd.the best price i see out there is 60 some bucks. can someone do better? tutone [email protected]

Jim Buck

I was fortunate enough to be able to record the Country Porn album on a cassette tape. Which I still have. Which is a tad scratchy now. I want it on a CD. But I can't find it. I can find some Chinga Chavin, but that sucks. LJust like the girls in Matamoros do. What I'd really like to find is a list of all the original lyrics. Not the ones that change "Braceros" to "wetbacks". Any idea where i can find the lyrics to Talkin' Matamoros First Piece O' Ass Blues?

thomas e. abelson

still looking for the COUNTRY PORN cd by chinga [email protected]


Haven`t heard these songs in 25 years,thanx!


I had the this record, now only have it on cassette tape too. But I'll upload the seven tunes to my blogsite
Bass player, Bob Herman and "his ole lady" were very good friends of mine 30+ years ago in Novato they lived. We smoked way too much good shit with them back in the 70's, but the music was great.


Funny stuff to be sure. I still have a vinyl copy in mint condition and a dual turntable to play it on


Hi there!
Being a guy from Germany it took some time to stumble across Kinky Friedman. Got the books, got the hints. So by the hints I tried my luck to find a fucken Chinga Chavin LP. They were there on ebay for ridiculous prices, so nothing I could afford. I googled along and found this site and I have to say: Thanks! you've done me and all my fellow kinky music lovers the biggest favor of all our lives! :-)
and hey, Chinga released another LP called "Jet Lag". There's a different version of "49 dollar divorce " on it so go out there and hunt it down!

timtohy wilkerson

hey I heard this from an older guy i was sixteen his brother still drives a plane and remembers my family he helped us get on a plane cause his brother was paralyzed waste down he had me hear this when I was sixteen he told me to record it from the album to cassette I did but loaned it to a friend then his mom took it and haven'nt seen it since but kinky friedman helped me find it by looking him up but I remembered asshole from elpaso and kept looking it up on computer now I have the old album but didnt know they had other songs I laughted my ass off when I first heard these songs now Id like to have a band of my own and at least play dry humping with the bad drum playing great anyhow this is timothy wilkerson on facebook wayne atkinson is the one who had the album his broter works for american airlines


finely glad i found the name its been a long time a friend surprised mewiththealbumback inthe 90s. lovewouldloveto hear new stuff

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