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June 15, 2005


Ed Word

Some of that stuff is really cool.

Speaking of real dolls any one see the film "Love Object"

It proudly fills a spot im my collection.


Don't forget the bellmer dolls in Ghost in the Shell 2 - amazing to see them pop up in there.

I might also put a plug in for my friend Julie's paintings - though as an art professor I'm the first to bemoan the surplus of shorthand doll-angst, I think Julie's got more than that going on. Check em out here:

Julie Farstad


hey! I know Julie!


yeah, she's a doll. now i wonder if i know YOU, fatty...perhaps we should take this off-blog.


I am studying art for my HSC and have a rough idea of what i would like to do, but am failing to find any artists that have dome some similar, leaving me with nothing to research and alot of unanswered questions.
Im doing a photography piece where i will be useing females as Dolls, and putting them in abusive and Domination situations, as constructing it in the fourm of an Advertisement.
Do you know of any artists that have Dressed females up as dolls in an art work before. This would be really helpful in my studies.

Thanks for your time,

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