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June 03, 2005



if i were ramon, i wouldn't waste my amazing power to summon balloons out of thin air on a Las Vegas news conference. frankly, the money's in birthday parties, particularly if he can convince the balloons to tie themselves in funny animal shapes.

Rob S.

Best part:
"Please show them I am not mentally ill like the people that are trying to kill me say I am."

Zach in Philly

Great story, Professor! I love this kind of stuff.

You're comment, "... I may have some good news for you. The saucers may finally be on the way, " is particularly interesting. The (what is generally believed to be) brief history of UFOs, as depicted in film, tv, and radio, has been less than flattering. Yet to me, like you, the idea of alien life forms visiting us here, on earth, sounds delightful!

Thanks for the all the related info on this story -- it should keep me busy for a while.


video link ain't workin! HELP. Please abduct me. I WANT TO BELIEVE!.

The Professor

Right click, and SAVE it somehow. SAVE IT!. Then watch.


Wow, I'd would also be delighted if they landed. It would prove that intelligent life exists in this universe. Maybe we are better off in their hands. Hail the Giant Ants.


I have seen this before and it's defently a real UFO the way it's flying zig zagging and things ohh yeah it's defently real because I have seen 12 Ufos before in a formation of a triangle and they were zig zagging the same way.

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