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June 25, 2005


Zach in Philly

I'm listening to Morris House (from Hatch's ever-so-convenient May 8th show start time links) and Crass is the first comparison coming to mind; though, I'm reluctant to make comparisons for a sound like this. And that's two too many Mark Allen references in one sentence for me to ignore digging up the start time for "The Most Beautiful City On Earth" from his June 23rd show. (How does Harry Pussy figure into the mix, you ask: Harry Pussy on Harry Pussy here -- right after Bob -- from his 07/03/04 Listener Hour). So I'm hooked -- when are they playing? Mid-July -- no problem. And then: what? They're opening for Dinosaur Jr.? Have I been in a coma? And even if I have, grrr, twenty-eight bucks isn't exactly a "nice price." Gotta catch-up on Dinosaur Jr. now ...


very good point: one should go SEE this band, as it's obviously more of a participatory performance art thing than a gimme some headphones "music" thing.

consequently, i see no reason to buy this band's albums (or videos). one must BE THERE to appreciate what they do. but, of course, there will be geeks and/or followers that'll buy the stuff because they're obsessed and/or influenced.

in sum, thank you for NOT telling us to purchase any recordings by this group. tickets are all that matters. and beer, of course. yada yada yada, manhog

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