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June 02, 2005


Mr. Fox

Great links.

Those Ridiculous Trio Stooges covers remind me of an unknown (to me) brass group who played bad covers of "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Sweet Caroline". Both Irwin & Professor Dum Dum used it as backing music at various times. Name the artists for me if you can...


Does anyone know if Pack has an album, and if so what it's called? I can't stop listening to that "Terrorist" song. Brilliant.


Ah, The Inflatable Boy Clams ... "I'm Sorry" was played constantly on the college radio station I was at whenever the hell that was (early 80s, I suspect). Thanks for this.

steel buildings

Not sure if Pack has an album, but there are plenty of MP3's available

no example

mmm it's average.


tony b

for all you myspacers out there, i created a tribute page:



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