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June 21, 2005



I used to love listening to this in high school and always wanted to meet this exciting guy. fast forward 30 years and I have, and then some. :)


I remember driving home from work and listening to the Friday "countdown" - Murray's screaming rant and Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" - every Friday to kick off the weekend.
Murray also sold radio time back then and came into the ad agency where I worked, so I got to know him. I went to some show at the Cleve. Convention Center where WMMS had a table set up - Murray at it, signing autographs, surrounded by teenagers. He said hi to me and suddenly they swarmed me too because if Murray knew me, I had to be "somebody." Kind of a heady experience.


Ooh. Met him and he is old and ugly now.


Last I knew (and I did) hewas paying a homeless woman for sex.


Murray Saul was NOT a deejay at WMMS in Cleveland, but a sales guy who happened to moonlight as the official weekend starter. Every Friday at 6PM, he would do 10 minutes or so of a mix of yelling, screaming proclamations about the joys of being free from the "slavedriver" and the joys of "twisting up a tuna and spending time in the rack with your honey" to some pretty perceptive political and social observations (done with humor and crazy double talk). One of a kind. Did his thing in the mid to late 1970s, and the tapes are still pretty entertaining and completely unique. "Yayza! Bowza! Wowza! Obla Di Obla Dah! Shhhhhhheeeeet! Oh...Oh...Richard Nixon....WHY ISN'T THAT MAN IN JAIL!".

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