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June 24, 2005


Kevin Gilmartin

yeah, totally lame lame lame.


Nike is so "Out of Step" on this one.


There's an apology up on
I think that's quite nice of them.


Nice of them to apologize?! Gimme a break. F U Nike.

Ome Ko

In my eyes just cashing in with a sob story.
Guilty of being Nike.


"tell your mama and your papa, sometimes good guys dont wear nike"


Nice one, chris! I agree


yeah, totally $, $, $


I have no love for Nike or corporate soullessness but how is this any different than say, the gajillion corporate logo spoof t-shirts or any other symbol appropriation? If Dischord released an album cover which was a spoof of say, the Exxon logo on it would that be OK? If this had been a spoof of say a Celine Dion album would you care at all? If not, why not?

I'll grant you that it's a cynical and shameless move on Nike's part but it's not like we all do not do similar things in our own lives.

I don't think Nike is evil for this, just pathetic.



The difference is something called "fair use." When an individual makes a comment about a copyright holder, constituting criticism or spoof or the like, they are permitted to replicate the copyrighted material. A corporation has no right to fair use. When they use copyrighted material, its understood that their aims are solely commercial.


Nike comments in their apology that their designers were 'inspired by minor threat', obviously not enough to take a stand against a corporation which uses sweat shop labour.

They didn't know the historical/political reasons why dischord records exists and why Minor Threat didn't simply sign to EMI??

pretty dumb.


This has nothing to do with "Fair Use." Fraud, maybe, but that would be hard to prove since Minor Threat doesn't make skateboards and Nike is not a record label...yet.

Minor Threat should lighten up. It's not the same picture. A bald guy on some stairs. Not exactly Ansel Adams or Diane Arbus.


"Minor Threat should lighten up"

ha ha ha!

if you don't know why that's funny go check out the minor threat discography.


Bill hUie

read the apology. translation: please please don't sue us. please.

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