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June 19, 2005



Damn, I wish I'd gone. I coulda used that mirror in the box on the left in the coffin pic.

And I'm curious what happens to violaters who park there. The sign says they will be... what? towed? something but we can't say what cuz there isn't room but it would be bad so don't park here?

I hear that stuff went 2 for a dollar and then was free at a certain point? Damn.




I enjoyed it immensely!

Yes, there were tons of very inexpensive cds and lps (and, yes, they were even giving the lps away for free at the end), but the most interesting part was getting to peek into some of the djs' lives by picking through their refuse. Most telling, indeed!

The "coffin" was gone before I got there. Does anyone know exactly what that was?

Hopefully Ken will take some time out of his busy schedule to post some of my pictures. He will probably hold back on the 7SD ones until that show airs this Wednesday. (That was amazing as well! I had the great fortune to personally witness Andy suffer the most uncomfortable minutes of his life!)

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