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June 15, 2005



I am totally dying trying to hear Big Stick's "Crack Attack" again. If you have it, please post. Impossible to find for under $30, if at all.

-baffled & busted in brooklyn

Henry Lowengard

Bring back Wild Girl with an aircheck podcast!


Huh? What's the connectioN to Big Stick and WILDGirL?


Wildgirl was into car racing.

Big Stick

Hello everyone. WILDGIRL told us about this page. She's doing well and sends her love.

Just want to say hi to all our WFMU friends. Also want to let you know that we're currently recording a CD/LP/DVD for a major UK label. We'll keep you informed about that, and of course we'll service WFMU as soon as the thing gets manufactured.

And believe it or not there's a real coolio drag racing themed song that's going to be featured on the upcoming LP release, and there's also a way-cool *music video* for the track too. Love, Kisses and Warm Feelings for all. Keep it tuned to WFMU! We really appreciate all the great support we've received from you guys over the years.


Hey Big Stick fans - Lookee here:
Rock On - and remember, always use your turn signals...
See ya later, bye!

P.S. For a little more conversational history re: Wildgirl, WFMU, Big Stick/DRU & Englishtown (Raceway Park) sign in & go to

I have a SEALED copy of Crack Attack by Big Stick on vinyl at a set-sale price of $100 on the site -

Big Stick

FYI The DRAG RACING '45 was one of a hundred records or so found in a special box the late John Peel kept in his home study. As you may know, John Peel was a popular Radio1 DJ in the UK. Peel championed new music in Britain. His career span decades. There was a special TV documentry produced in conjunction with the recent UK Music Hall of Fame presentations, the documentary titled "JOHN PEEL'S RECORD BOX" aired on BBC TV Channel 4, the programme documented Peel's life and long radio career. The story of his life focused around the music found in his "special box". We're proud that BIG STICK made enough of an impact to be "box worthy". Rest In Peace John Peel. We appreciate his support over the years, as we do the DJs of WFMU. Peel was an "outsider" who got on the "inside" and was able to greatly influence the course of music in the UK. Peel did good.

Big Stick

hey people. Here's a new my space Big Stick place. Cheers!

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