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June 24, 2005


Cecile-Anne Sison

I'm not sure, but this page may contain the correct track listing:


awesome! Now can we get the japanese and/or spanish versions of Jesus Christ Superstar up...Billy Graham'll like that!
No just kidding. I don't care what BG likes.

Jeff T

Fantastic! Great album, perfect for the summer time.

Tyler Rae


I love rockabilly!

I love Japanese rockabilly!


The Takeshi Terauchi has been spinning over and over ever since I downloaded it -- I can't stop making copies for friends -- YES, the perfect SUMMER music, wonderful wonderful... Surf with that sad flute and the kooky electric organ.

gerardusch fantasusch

The songtitles are wrong. I have the lp with the songtitles you mention (called let's go terry), and every song is totally different.

pus lumpus

So if you had the right titles, why didn't you post them?

burt ward

The one called "dream in ocean" is a classic "surf" cover, but I cannot for the life of me either recognize it or find another version - the riff is referenced in Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Multiplies" (but then so are five or six other surf tunes). More evidence for the bad title translation theory.


The Bunnys were not Terri's first band. Blues Jeans was his Eleki band , and left to form Bunnys in 1967. Please visit to learn more about Bunnys, and other bands of Terri's.

blog responder

This stuff is just great. I've been listening to it over and over and over again, and that's exactly what my friends say whom I've given it to -- they just keep on constant rotation. Thank you, thank you, thank you...


Thank You.. I love The Bunnys music ever since I heard them back in 1990 when I heard Test Driver blasting out of the radio (which is not the tune listed here) it blew me away, totally cool since then I've been on look out for anything Takeshi Terauchi related I got to hear "Moanin'" on a Pebbles compliation but its hard to find his music in the U.K . So tonights been a real treat listening to this album:)


I actually think the songs are labeled incorrectly. The linked website that provided the lyrics in question actually contains the entire discography of Terry and the Bunnys. A few albums have 12 songs, and one of them actually has a total album length. It is only a few seconds off from the length I calculated when I played the songs on my computer. Additionally, this album on the website (found here: has "Japanese Folk" listed as a genre. And listening to the songs, I could definitely pick up Japanese folk motifs. Do people agree?

Station Manager Ken

OK, I changed the song titles to what I saw on this link:



If you find any more Takeshi Terauchi songs, please share! I'm a big surf music fan, and these songs hold up as good, if not better than most surf guitar music, and nearly as good as Dick Dale's best work. Very very cool stuff. BTW, the first song listed (Kanjinncyou) doesn't download.

jonathan segel

well, hell. somebody from SST records played the bunnys for us on the first tours camper van beethoven ever did heading all the way south to los angeles, and i've been lookign for that damn record ever since. all i ever found was one single and a couple cuts on compilations i dug up in tokyo. thanks. delayed gratification at its best.


This is really sweet stuff. The howling in Japanese is great.


Hey, I love the Bunnys, but know a little about them. (I know more after having been on Fancymag).
Anyway, I had the chance to get a rare single of the band sometimes in my hands, and to get a song on a k7. Now it's on my blog, but i can't find the name of this terrible song with lot of fuzz. (it was written in japanese signs). Could you help me ?
go to :
Thank you.

Ray Farrell

I am the SST Records guy referenced by Jonathan Segel on this blog. I stumbled upon "This is Terauchi Bushi" in the international section of a used records store in the early 80's. I found Takeshi playing im a group performing at a New Orleans Worlds Fair. Since then I have found a number of curios including a Russian album where Takeshi re-records Bunnys tracks as fusion instrumentals! I found this blog after discovering that Other Music website has a bunch of Blue Jeans/Bunnys titles for sale right now!


Larger album art for this album can be found at the link below:


The correct name of this album is "Seichô Takeuchi-Bushi".

The correct track titles are:

Sado okake
Musume Dôseiji
Mamuro-gawa Ondo
Shôsho Oiwake
Genroku Hanami Odori
Hana-gasa Ondo
O-edo Nihon-bashi
Kazoe Uta

Whoever romanized the titles before wasn't using a standard Japanese-English system.


Does anyone know of Takeshi is still alive? And if so, where he might be found?

Tokyo Rabbit

This album went on sale March First, 1967. It is their second album. More info in Japanese on this page:

Eek! The Cat


I read your post on Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnys album "Seichô Takeuchi-Bushi," and I was wondering if you would be interested in one of their albums called "Takeshi Terauchi & his Blue Jeans - Early Times 1964-65." It has 30 tracks - the first 15 have English titles, but the last 15 are Japanese characters only (so I don't know the track names). The songs include "Pipeline, "Diamond Head," and "Out Of Limits." Let me know if you would be interested in them. Also, please don't post my email address :>}, but you can contact me there.


jonathan segel

so, we're learning these songs, we're gonna play a show of bunnys covers in berrkeley at the starry plough on oct. 20th 2007...

Simon Hanes

We learned the songs, played on oct 20th, and there is video on youtube.
Heres a good one:

Simon Hanes of Tukuba mountain

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