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June 28, 2005


A Chair

I was hoping you'd have the one with the out of tune couple singing the commandments to the accompaniment of two guitar chords that had circulated a lot of "worst of" lists back when was good. Maybe someone else still has that.

Dave the Spazz

If you count the commandments in the Moonglows' "Ten Commandments of Love," you'll find there's only nine!


Well observed, Dave the S, but who can count the Moonglows'? Does anyone get beyond one or maybe two (if they can't find the stop button). Nothing against the Moonglows, but how about using this one at Guantanamo?

(I hope this isn't too mean.)

(Also, it says on the preview page that this is being posted at 12:57 am or thereabouts--but it's 9 pm now. And I'm in your timezone.)


When I get back from Maine I'll try to post the Prince Buster version...




yes don't forget the cool version of prince buster. A great jamaican musician man who is not enough well-known.

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Mickey Mephistopheles

My personal highlight was Charlie the Hamster gleefully uttering the words "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

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