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June 27, 2005



Why aren't these guys ruling the world yet?

Ed Word

weird utterances like "Look at me, Daddy,"

That is always said before a kick ass drum solo... duh Ken..

nh dave

I have to say that may be the worst lip syncing since britney....

Oh yeah and I love it.


damn.....i want to sound like them so bad!!


its the shiit



I love DK. The whole concept = 10.0.

Rocking Son Of Genghis Khan

The legendary groups is back on the back of there horses-and riding on the concert stages of the world again!
VISIT -- all bi langual HP


That "weird Rasputin guy" was a South African man named Louis Hendrik Potgieter, and he was an exremely talented professional ballet dancer while not performing with German disco groups. Just FYI.

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