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June 27, 2005



Saw clips of Heino during one of the rec fairs, and that clip without his sunglasses is priceless. thanks Irwin


The other performer that was doing bad Heino imitations was the German punk band Die Toten Hosen. No pictures of the trial on their site, but on this page is a picture of "the true Heino", which according to some other Google searches was the opening act for the band in 1984.


Here's something Hino-related you might enjoy...although "enjoy" is probably the wrong word.


we at Anime Hell are indeed saddened at the news, and will of course make special use of all things Heino in our 2005-2006 season of shows. Thanks to That's Irritainment for starting us down the road of the bizarre cult of Heino that's being 'enjoyed' by thousands at anime conventions all across the land. More Heino discovered every day!


I actually saw Heino perform live at a German festival at the Garden State Arts Center like 10 years ago. My friends and I were the only people there under 50 and over 14.


I just discovered this guy not too long ago, and already sad he's retiring, but it's probably for the best (still quite campy tunes).



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