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June 13, 2005



Isn't it "Death Race 2000", not "Cannonball"?

Krys O.

Tis "Death Race 2000":

Sam C

He meant Cannonball as in http://imdb.com/title/tt0074279/, not Cannonball Run or Deathrace 2000. It has two Carradine's and Mary Woronov, but the race goes from Cali to NYC, not the other way.

Andrew Earles

It's Cannonball.

Uptown Topranking

The original Michael Caine "Get Carter" really needs to be on this list.

No Big Thing

The opening sequence to Prime Cut is a serious thing of beauty.

listener colin in Toronto

Just watched CANNONBALL aka CARQUAKE on super 8 (!) projected on a screen in a parking lot two weeks ago. some great cameos including Scorcesse and Joe Dante. And I always wondered how PRIME CUT fared as a "date" movie when first released...

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