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July 25, 2005


Michael Rosenthal

I remember watching those shows when they were originally broadcast. John looked at Chuck Berry so adoringly -- clearly thrilled to be playing with him.

I remember Patti Smith on Mike Douglas, too. Not sure if she co-hosted for a week, but it was fun. Perhaps next to be DVDed.

Anonymous Bosch

Why bother linking to a site as preposterous as this thing? Anything thought-provoking info it might have is so discredited by the site's paranoid anti-semitism, that it it sort of cancels itself out.


It's funny that "Imagine" was black-listed after 9/11, and Neil Young played it on the "Tribute to Heroes" show.

The Professor

Okay Anonymous Bosch, After taking another look I'll have to agree that site does devolve into a bit of paranoid anti-Semitism. Although once you get into the first chapter of the actual book from that site it seems to be more a straight-forward investigation without the anti-Jewish slant (That's what I had been looking at.) But I linked to the main page so readers could see the context, etc.

But reading further into it, there are some pretty absurd connections being made on that page including anti-Semitic conspiracies which are both preposterous and strange. You are right, and I've deleted the link.


It's too bad Chuck didn't hookup with The Beatles,he would have told "cookoo for cocoa puffs" to hit the road and John wouldn't have had the nerve to disagree

Rory Murray

I remember watching these Mike Douglas episodes as a kid. John and Yoko were "way out there". George Carlin was there one day, Abbie Hoffman another day. You've gotta give Mike Douglas a lot of credit for having people on who weren't really popular with the white middle aged audience.
Mr. Douglas also had another legend co-host for a week, Moe Howard of 3 Stooges fame! He had white hair combed in that famous bowl cut style and the pies flew everywhere. I wish I could see those episodes again.

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