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July 27, 2005


EC Brown

Photographer Juergen Sprecht has posted his documentation of Hihokan (erotic museums of Japan). Not exactly theme parks, and not abandoned, but the photos sometimes show a degree of disrepair that brings old haunted houses from travelling carnivals to mind.


wow! wow! wow! thanks for this link, EC.

Listener Charles

Thanks for posting the Santa's Village promo (and all the abandoned parks links), it brought back some crazy memories of the 70s when my grandmother lived just minutes away from that park in Dundee, IL. I wonder if anyone has the old TV commercial with their jingle.


Great post Fatty. If you haven't seen it already, check out the cavalcade of alienation at:


I love Sounds for Little Ones! It is seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever come across. I am glad to see someone else also has a fascination with abandonded places and amusement parks. Those things are one of my favorite subjects.

Brian Turner

I know Rocky Glen Park well -- when it closed, the Moonies tried to buy it and make a huge retreat. I also saw Huey Lewis there in junior high school and in the city-namecheck part of 'the Heart of Rock and Roll' he sang about "Avoca, PA." Supposedly after a Starship show there Mickey Thomas hit on a local townie's woman and got beaten severely, put in the hospital, and I don't think that Starship every played a show after that again. Thank you, Rocky Glen Park.


jesus, that's a wonderful story, Brian.

Tony Jonick

Hi, I came across this site therough the Sounds for Little ones CD. It was recorded clandestinely at Children's Fairyland, in Oakland, CA, the first park created specifically for families with little children. Many similar amusement parks sprang up in it's wake, including Disneyland, which was inspired by Fairyland. Fairyland is still going strong, and just celebrated it's 55th anniversary. Oakland is rightfully proud of this wonderful park. Check out their website at

Christopher Merritt

How on earth do I get a copy of "Sounds for Little Ones"? Those two tracks are amazing!


Does anyone have any photo's of Rocky Glen Park (formerly Ghost Town) in Moosic, PA? I have visited the site:

I am looking for more photo's, items, video - anything. Please e-mail me if you can help out. Thank you.



I found some photos from maybe 1974 when my parents took me there for a day.

theme parks

Great post. Abandoned amusement parks are fascinating on multiple levels. It also reminds me of the Enchanted Forest in Maryland that I used to visit as a wee one, only this is even cooler.

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