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July 20, 2005


Krys O.

Afrirampo rules! We love them dearly. They sound like a four-piece band.

dave rhoden

They hung out here in New Orleans for a while...they just came here and would go to various clubs and ask to be on the bill. "Can we just open up", basically--there was a language barrier. They seemed very shy. Pretty much everybody said "okay." AND THEY KILLED US.

Brian Turner

They killed us at Tonic too...with a pie. It was Brian C from Lightning Bolt's birthday, and at the end of their set, Oni creamed everyone on the floor with a hot, runny, peanut butter pie.

Seek out their also-new URUSA CD from Japan, the DVD accompanying it is fantastic -- they made one vid clip straight out of a DJ Jazzy Jeff set or something on it!


Hi,I'm Japanese fun of AfriRampo.I Think there perfoming is Naked Chaos.I loved very much.

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