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July 21, 2005



The URL for the Vol. 5 cover art & booklet is dead:

Station Manager Ken

"The URL for the Vol. 5 cover art & booklet is dead:"

OK, it's fixed now.





What about the Christmas Song Poem album?


Does anyone know anything about a song poem called 'The Blind Man's Penis is Erect Because He's Blind"? A friend of mine had it on cassette years back and I saw it referenced once in Spin magazine. My friend told me it was a "friend of a friend's" lyric; but that smacks a bit of urban legend to me. In any event, it has a great C&W riff to it and veers off into LSD land in the last verse.


it was a John Trubee prank.


I think the song poem christmas was a Bar None release, after they did that great American Song Poem anthology. Worth it just for Blind Man's Penis and Jimmy Carter Says Yes alone!


while the world is a more beeyuuteeful place tonight because of these downloads, i gotta ask: ANY CHANCE these cds will be released for real? i mean, free is cool and all, but i am old enough to remember that music was s'posed to sound good, and not like tin cans, string and the inside of a portapotty (ie MP3s)....

The Tod

The Song "A Blind Man's Penis" was penned by My good friend John Trubee,and was originaly to be called "stevie Wonders Penis".

Station Manager Ken

Craig - No, these CDs are not going to be released. THIS is the official release.


Faust Gertz

Thanks for hosting these files.

Will WFMU also be hosting any or all of the MP3s that used to be available at The American Song-Poem Music Archives (ASPMA). That would be sweet!


You can download The American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush and The American Song-Poem Christmas: Daddy Is Santa Really Six Foot Four? from Music. If you don't already have an eMusic account, you can sign up for a trial account, download both albums for free, and still select a track from either Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music or The Langley Schools Music Project's Innocence And Despair. :-)


Thanks a lot for those great tunes, cheers, merci, bravo !
Love it !

James Caution

Has anyone noticed that "Till Death Do Us Part" by Betty Bond has the poem "Miss Heroin" AKA "Take Me Into Your Arms" as the lyrics?

Gloria Kirkpatrick - Miss Heroin
Gloria reads "Miss Heroin", which, I found out was written by one Duncan MacLaughlin, a Scottish detective of the Central Drug Squad of Scotland Yard and the actual title is "Take Me In Your Arms". Her very deliberate reading of the poem (with echo) is quite wonderful.

Tom K

Great stuff. I've never been here before but i found this page on a link through Bedazzled. In case anyone's interested, I just discovered the ASPMA website is still out there, at

Tom K

By the way, is the song-poem movie Off The Charts any good? Hilariously, IMDB suggests that if you like it you should see Titanic. Hmmmm.


Did anyone else notice the similarities between the uncredited "My Hamburger Baby", and the also uncredited "The Prance"? (which can be heard on the archived Incorrect Music Jan. 31, 2001 show). It's basically the exact same tune. Was there a lot of this same tune/different song stuff going on in song-poems?


Oh, I see down at "Pinch Me" in MSR Madness Vol. 6 that Halmark recycled a lot of their tunes. Guess I should read the whole site before posting a question!

Michael Goodman

Thanks Phil!!!!!! Thanks WFMU!!! I never thought I'd see the day!!!!!

Gregg Lopez

What happened to Phil's ASPMA website?

Denise in Washington, DC

Though I'm a big Song-Poem fan, I hadn't heard about the release of these two latest volumes of Phil's mindboggling collection until Carl Howard posted the link to this page on Finding the link made my day -- I've heard (and adore) Cara Stewart's "Song of the Burmese Land," but the other tracks are new to me, and I can't wait to experience 'em! Eternal thanks to Phil, Irwin, Otis, and especially 'FMU for hosting.


Wow. Thanks to Ken, Phil and everybody else involved in bringing this to the public. I have been waiting for "I Like Yellow Things" ever since it was promised in the last officially released MSR CD. When the heck was that? 1998? I'm a patient man. . . and it was worth the wait.

Lee R.

Thanks to everyone for this! What's up with Phil...he seems to have disappeared. Is he no longer the ASPMA curator?

Jay Dee

A huge thanks to everyone responsible for these song-poems being here, from the writers who wrote the poems all the way to the curators of this site! You have no idea how much I appreciate your efforts! I have been trying for years now to track down some more song-poems(from sources outside of Ebay..)and getting these has really made my day. For those of you interested in song-poems, check out the following new sites:


I don't know much about Gene Merlino but at some point in certain versions Sally Bowles from the musical Cabaret talks about her Green Fingernails as an example of delicious sin versus simple enjoyment just before the song "Perfectly Marvelous". Can't remember if it comes up in the movie or not. Maybe he dug Sally Bowles or Liza Minnelli.

Thanks for the songs, FMU.

Tony Downs

Thanks for posting these awesome songpoem .mp3s. Please check out my site for more songpoem oriented media at:

ALSO, hot off the Magic Key Production CD burners comes my entry into the songpoem arena (cuz I'm so much of a fan I just HAD to get one made!!!)...The song is entitled "The Tale Of The Great One," a snide, snotty, satirical and for the most part true musical examination of the impact of celebrity on society MASTERFULLY PERFORMED by David Fox!!! This is an Internet exclusive, limited time download you can only get at my site, which is once again located at:

Once you've downloaded the track, feel free to email me with responses via the Songpoems Unlimited Blog, located at:

ENJOY...and thanks again for the .mp3s posted here...They're all classics!!!

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