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July 21, 2005


Jessica H

hi,i'm french and i'd like so much your blog!

Tony Vacek

I am doing my own Song-Poem service here, for free! Check it out!

Mark L

A lot of the links on those old sites are dead, but this one has an amazing sack o' stuff on it:


Craig mused:
"i mean, free is cool and all, but i am old enough to remember that music was s'posed to sound good, and not like tin cans, string and the inside of a portapotty (ie MP3s)...."

Posted by: craig | July 22, 2005 at 02:47 AM

I don't know what you are listening to these tracks through(because they sound good to me even as mp3's, I have the other released versions so I have a good idea what they should sound like) when you think they were recorded or with what technology. Realize that most of these were "re-discovered" in bins at second hand stores and record shops, all with varying degree of condition. I agree, Mp3 is not the best[ie. lossless]"everything would be lossless in a perfect world" but again this is at no cost to you/me and someone went through a lot of time, effort and yes, someone is paying/paid for this in some way to supply "us" with these recordings, artwork and song and backgound info. I thank you all! Just my $0.02.....Apollo Up!

Billy Sugarfix

New song poem contest! Free to enter. Multiple submissions allowed! Visit

for more info and to enter.

Ronald Vaughan

"MSR RECORDS" in 1977. It was called "The Key Is Still There".
But it still hasn't re-surfaced...though it was re-issued way
earlier (by a now-defunct "Fortune Records" I think)...I heard
that nobody still has the MSR tapes,but that the compilations
on CD that have surfaced,were created by working backwards from
the old 45's...wish I'd saved mine (all given away as demos).

Just today I googled "MSR/George Liberace" Records and it turns
out that the drummer from NRBQ has re-issued two compilations from this long-defunct,oddball label! So,the mystery deepens...

I was in the music movie "MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP" and am on
MySpace (as Ronald Vaughan). Would like to know if anybody has
one of those old MSR 45's or something!

Ronald Vaughan

In 1977 I wrote a ballad,my first song,"The Key Is Still There",
and let MSR Records (George Liberace) handle it. Bobbi Blake did
the singing.

The song was re-released on "Fortune Records",so I later heard,
but I never knew that.

I'd appreciate knowing who currently owns the rights to "my"
own MSR is long-defunct. I'm just a songwriter/actor
who likes oddball music!


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Sammy Reed

Only in the song-poem business do performers get "canned due to customer complaints." How come we can't do that to Britney or Beiber?

Sammy Reed

First of all, I'm glad we can leave comments again! Now, I can finally talk about what I consider the best song-poem: "I Have a Number". When I first stumbled on this last year, it intrigued me for different reasons:
Least-important of all (which I'll get out of the way first) is that the notes sound sortof like the tones of touch-tone buttons being pushed, which goes perfect with a song about telephone use.
I get the impression that whoever sent these words in wanted a more bouncy early-mid 60's style dance-rock tune, and didn't expect this rendition. This music winds up capturing the meaning of the lyrics very well!
Then comes the sweet voice, which really makes me wish I could call her. And then the sad fact that nowadays, no-one can anymore. Shortly after I found this page, I looked for anything I could find about Nita Craig, and found a page called "Home of the Brave Part Five: Nita, Charlotte and I".
This mentions Nita's 1999 death, as well as the also-much-too-soon death of the artist better known as "Bonnie". There are also photos there which show what a beautiful, nice lady Nita was. I really couldn't hear this song exactly the same way again after seeing and reading this.
For all the reasons this song tugs at me, I give my own personal "best song-poem" award to "I Have a Number".

Sammy Reed

Now I see that the name of the page has been changed (good call, since it is mostly about Charlotte (aka "Bonnie") anyway) to "Charlotte, Nita & I". Sad that both Bonnie and Nita are gone already. RIP's a-plenty.

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