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July 01, 2005



why don't provide a link to download them all at once?

Stephen Down

Oh yes thanks Doug!

I was blown away when OCDJ played The 524 from this disc, now I can blow myself away.


I can't believe that anybody is complaining about anything. This is a beautiful compilation and a wonderful gift. And, in any event, downloading each track individually prompts one to read each entry carefully, which one really should do since so much care was taken to make them informative.


Wonderful gift Doug and thanks for posting Ken! One more example of why WFMU is the best station around and Doug's "Give the Drummer Some" a must listen.

"Obeng Ungu & Alan Buntu" - Rabu: Sakit Tangani, Sabtu: Sakit Pantat, is my fav transitional "background button" on many of your programs; thrilled to have this and the rest!

Bright Moments!


The song 524 do you got skills is being used by Clearchannel Communications recently. Do you know who or how to get a version of the song without the singing, I just want the music track part if possible.


Greetings. Thank you very much, but can you do a favor, and re-rip #19 by The Fuji? It seems to have been cut off several seconds before it ended. Thanks


thank you very much for this Ken and Doug. am in the process of downloading but they look really good! can't wait to listen to them all.


Beautiful works !

To complete that, I also have

yodel reggae
algerian rap
african trash metal

If anyone is interrested just tell me.
i'll send you a mp3.

Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine
Laboratoire de recherches scientifiques sur la fête
[email protected]


So, what group is that pictured in the very beginning? with the Culture Shock label across the photo?



Huh? I have this Premium CD, but it ain't got no 'Yasukatsu Ohshima & Orquesta Bore' on it!
Still, an INCREDIBLE selection from all over that somehow still fits together beautifully - just like the show itself.
Cheers Doug!


A spectacular collection, but I second Snoopy's request-- please re-rip # 19 by the Fuji-- the sound cuts off around 4:49 and then you get a 5 and a half minute track that ends with 40 seconds of very frustrating silence.

Station Manager Ken

I'll be re-ripping track 19 this Friday, July 8th. Should be repaired by the end of that day. -ken


Can i make a 2004 'retro-pledge' to get this beautiful collection on CD? If there are any copies left...


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. As someone who had the privilege of living in Japan for a number of years prior to returning to the United States, I have been exposed to many different kinds of music. I wish that more people would expose themselves to the rich variety of music that is available to us all through sites such as this.


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