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July 21, 2005



Addendum: Lest I forget (or before someone else jumps all over me), Ennio Morricone scored three of Dario Argento’s pre-Deep Red films, including the wonderful score for The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, with its subtle instrumentation and eerie female vocalizations. All 3 scores are available on a single CD, which FMU has been playing steadily since its release. For the record, though, fans and critics largely consider Deep Red (aka Profondo Rosso) to be the archetypal giallo film.


of course i encourage everyone to go out and buy Goblin's albums, BUT....

if yous financial boat has crashed on the rocky shores of hard times and all your money goes to a high speed internet connection, then you might want to head over to because they have many Gobln albums for dwnload.

they offer 50 free dwnloads to people trying out the site and then you can cancel for nothing, OR keep the membership. the important things is they have a lot of Goblin albums...


i should also mention that certain members of Goblin still keep active today. Carlo Penisi recently guested on an album by International Deejay Gigilos' Crossover, entitled "Cryptic and Dire Sallow-Faced Hoods Blast Off Into Oblivion," that just came out in April.


Hey, that tattoo goes well with your caroliner rainbow shirt...
that IS a caroliner shirt, no?
I'd like to see them do a soundtrack to a movie,perhaps the film version of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Merdian which has been in development for years now...


Good eye! Yes that is indeed a Caroliner v-neck tee, custom Grux design sold to me outside a CBGB show by Mr. Brandan Kearney. Caroliner's shirts are/were always silkscreened onto some old "found" shirt - never a shiny new Beefy-T or some first-gen crap like that. This one used to fit me like a night dress, sadly I've been gradually filling it out over the years...

Ray Brazen

He's back! He's bad! He's Berger! Hey Bill, it's been so long! How you doing? The Brann Man never forgets. Hey, I couldn't help but notice you posted this message at 3:33 AM... proof that TKF still breathes within us all...

$mall ¢hange

Nice post Mr. Berger, Goblin is defintely dope. Also Claudio Simonetti was behind many banging italo disco rekkids in the early 80's.

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