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July 08, 2005



We want more!

Zach in Philly

"You want some more? Well here's some more!" (my favorite Zappa quote -- from "Dina Mo Hum":-)
May 23rd was punctuated by Tony's introduction and playing of "side B" from Don Bradshaw-Leather's Distance Between Us. That night -- kid you not -- laid I, awake, reciting the "dense, swirling, and hellish tapestries of blurred instrumentation," hoping to land on at least one misshapen, momentary square of reckoning in this after midnight wrecking ball. So "dig if you will, a picture" of the priest proclaiming "Profane - Sacrilege" [Scott, October 27, 2003] in a "Carnival of Souls" when succumbed I to yet another dive ["Dance of the Goblins," Brian, May 24, 2005] in the Loch Ness waters the very following day! This is one to make Edward Gorey's toes curl, to be sure.


Yes. That constitutes a 'more' in many senses!

Hitoshi Goto

Don Bradshaw-Leather is not the name of the man.He is Don Bradshaw,and 'Leather'is the name of the girl on the back of the sleeve.
I've read Don Bradshaw is the very'Robert-John Godfrey`on'Tapestry Of Delights'book.He was,not the member of BJH,but played with them & later made one solo LP on Charisma &
formed the band'ENID' & released many albums.


i was also given to understand that DBL was actually RJG!! I dont think he likes to be reminded of this album, as does his one for Charisma. Listen to THE ENID... surely one our most undervalued bands EVER.

 Darius Drewe Shimon

If he were Robert John Godfrey (come to think of it, there is a resemblance)then surely he would not be seen dead in the company of a topless lady, as our Rob bats for the other team, so to speak. Mind you, you never kernow...

Trust His Tibs to come up with this one. What more to expect from the man who brought Rameses to our attention -not to mention recording 'Hey Ho The Noddy Oh! (insert smiley emoticon here)

Does anyone know if the 'King Of The Witches' himself, Alex Sanders, made records? I know Derek Ford made a film about him (the missing 'Secret Rites') but he is listed next to Coven, Graham Bond, Zior, Necromandus, Don Bradshaw-Leather and the inevitable Black Widow (anyone who has their 'film' please hastily reply) and Black Sabbath in the inner sleeve to Monument's 'First Monument' album on Audio Archives. Incidentally, although the legend around Monument is fascinating, the album is actually quite shit. I am planning to write a film script about it though.

jon calvert

as far as I know King of The Witches Alex Sanders DID make a record. I think it was called THE INITIATION OF A WITCH or something like that.. thats all I can tell you. In your short list you left out another satanic gem FIRST UTTERANCE by COMUS....

Darius Drewe Shimon

Cor, I forgot I ever posted anything on here...

The reason I left Comus out is because they weren't listed in Pete Sarfas' notes, but I have been aware of them for years (again thanks to a certain Mr DM Tibet of Hastings) and in 1998, actually tracked down Roger Wootoon to his Sarf East London towerblock home and met him in person, culminating in me taking him out to see traditional folksinger Andrew King in concert in Kennington. We haven't been in touch since though, but I still have his number (although when Record Collector were asking for info back in '05, I'd lost it) Roger's a weird but friendly bloke, although when we met I was rather disappointed that his musical tastes at the time seemed to consist of Alanis Morisette and Sheryl Crow rather than anything vaguely psychotropic. I should try and contact him at some point.

Thanks for the Alex Sanders does anyone have a copy of 'Harken To The Witches Rune' by (I kid thee not) Playschool presenter Toni Arthur? Something else I've never heard yet.

Since my last post I have been able to download and burn from the Internet a CD of 'The Distance Between Us' that some kind soul (possibly someone here) obviously uploaded from their vinyl copy. Sadly for some reason the songs are in the wrong order, but that's Nero for you), not that you'd be able to tell as they all sound like Mellotron Apocalypse on toast. I must admit it's not quite the full-on headfuck I'd hoped for, but it does make very splendid listening, especially as I now live on the seafront (not too far from DMT) and regularly have gigantic waves crashing outside my window.

I've still yet to see an extant copy of the actual album though, and the question still remains: if Bradshaw was and is the extremely camp Mr Godfrey, then who was Leather and exactly what did she play on the album? Will the real Leather, if she does exist, either phone home or stand up please......

Darius Drewe Shimon

Update: the mysterious Mr Leather has now got his own MySpace page!! And there is a lenghty schpiel from his sister on one of the comments explaining that he definitely ISN'T Robert John Godfrey, although no clues are given as to his current alive/dead status. Apparently he was from Essex, like meself!! Figures.

john calvert

Ah, so the mystery deepens!! You might like to know that I m writing a book about THE MAYBE, the mysterious DBL /RJG whoever he , she or it might be will reveal themselves.. Ill keep you posted. john

Alejandro Gonzalez

I Like This Music ooh.

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