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July 27, 2005



good lord...that's amazing.


Manfred Sexauer was the host of the Musikladen TV series.

Albgardis Ungvarsky

Thomas Gottschalk is still the host of Europe's biggest TV-show "Wetten dass...", aired LIVE 6 times per year and has about 15-18 millions of Germans watching, plus the uncounted viewers outside Germany who receive the ZDF via Satelite.
Frank Laufenberg was a radio-host from the southwest, much over-estimated in my (northern) opinion. He had a local-TV-show in the late 80's, and he wrote several books about "who's who" in the german shobiz. I have no idea wether he is still in the bizz.
Manfred Sexauer was the host of the legendary Musikladen (west-german TV-show 1972-1984) from beginning to the end, he is still heard on southwest german radio and he had local TVshows until during the 90's.


Oja, sehr geil! Diese Single is so scheiße, dass sie schon wieder hammercool ist ^^ In den 80ern konnte man sich einiges erlauben ;D

*thumbs up* for the free download, rather difficult to find it.

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