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July 12, 2005



I always, I say I always saw Bill Clinton as a smooth Foghorn Leghorn.


I agree with Diego. Foghorn Leghorn was President; I think SPY Magazine called it after he was elected. "Comically dishonest but mostly harmless cartoon chicken" about covers the guy.

"Don't do it! I'LL GET BLAMED!"

Oh, and it's Alfred E. Neuman. No Dubbya there either.


apparaently she has never looked at her daughter objectively:

Reverend Loveshade

Were any cartoons characters harmed in the making of this page? I hope not.

Yes, President Clinton was Foghorn Leghorn. That was verified by a special covert investigation conducted by Fox News and PETA. But while George Dubya Bush and Alfred E. Neuman may be distant cousins, they are not the same person.

Alfred E. Neuman is known for saying, "What me worry?" and other very clever things.

George W. Bush isn't.

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