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July 13, 2005


Pseu Braun

Dunno about Falco's clock, Brian. His time was already up when he died in 1998!

Krys O.

Snap sampled Jocelyn Brown for "I've Got The Power."

Brian Turner

My condolences.


As far as the outcry about hip music being used in ads being outdated, it depends on who you ask. Tom Waits, for instance, goes ballistic if ad agencies even try to mimic his own style for their own endeavors. Of course, we all know about the Ford-destroying stunt Jim Morrison threatened to pull if "Light My Fire" wasn't yanked from their spots.

Maybe it's just after reading "Branded," but I do find corporate appropriation of music and art that successfully addresses our deepest thoughts and desires pretty dangerous. There's a strong argument to be made against the Faustian bargain these marketing firms hold out, and it's one emerging bands should not be ignorant of.

Rick Ele

Is that really true about Brainbombs and the Red Cross? I've never heard about that.

Furthermore, Snap stole the whole damn song from Chill Rob G.


I think I stopped paying attention to this kind of thing when a Volcano Suns song was in a Reebok commercial and I realized that the oddball at the ad agency was going to be able to do this kind of stuff every now and then because a) it's cheaper than licensing more popular stuff and b) if you're going that route, at least pick something that sounds like *something* and will be eagerly recognized by a small minority.

I'm only surprised there isn't a whole lot more of this, frankly.

P.S. Quit pulling our legs with that Brainbombs thing. That's just silly.

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