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July 28, 2005


Krys O.

I loved The Sentinel also and saw it several times. I believe that there were several different cuts of the movie due to countless re-edits. Even read the book whilst in junior high. Well, years later in college, I was hanging with pals in Brooklyn at The Promenade and some eerie feeling made me turn around to look at the building that we stood in front of. Ack! It was the building from The Sentinel! Surprised myself by not jumping out of my skin with childhood-entrenched fears. Still never sure why I felt a strange compulsion to turn around from the beautiful site of The Promenade.

Mark Allen

Great interview William! All of this is fascinating new info... Thanks!


Some great stills from Satan's Playground


Another link-
Dante is seeking a cinematographer.

super scary movies

Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do, but my "guilty pleasures" are reading murder mysteries and going to scary movies with my neighbor. Also, chocolate calls my name!

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