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July 22, 2005



this footage is absolutely, totally, incredibly amazing.


Nice link!! Thanks to post a link that I offered a couple of month ago. Man, I invite you to my site...
I love all those tracks of world music... now I am downloading them... thanks for sharing!!


Awesome! I've wanted to see some early Stooges action since like forever. I saw Iggy live at Reading in 1991 and he remains one of my favourite live performers and live performances. Wicked. :D


Where did he get that peanut butter?

Phil M.

According to legend -- legend which began, mind you, with his own boasts, and which as far as I know have never been independently verified -- the Bringer of the P.B. was none other than a youthful Stiv Bators.



Reddy Kilowatt

O remember the tv broadcast, and it seems I also remeber some er, oral attention by some over excited fan. ( used to see the stooges in NYC, at I disremeber, the Steve Paul Scene?, and actually ended up with the remaining silver glove, and a drumstick, both sadly lost.


I gave Iggy the Peanut butter.

lil mike sf

RE: Stiv & The PB

Stiv himself was known to tell the tale... The late Dead Boys/Lords of New Church singer said that he and a group of frinds travelled to the Cinci Pop Fest & his pal brought a blanket & a big industrial sized container of PB... When nutty Iggy was working the crowd, Stiv in a moment of stoned glory raised the afforementioned jar and viola... history ...


That day we went to the cinn. pop festival.....was a great morning we {me and Ed } went to the freeway to thumb to the festival. talked to stiv......we knew him as one of us ..just another hippy expressing himself.......boy did he express himself,.....Well anyway steve said he and some friends would be there also. Lots of people from Youngstown were there .....must have been a dozen or so
.ed and I were on the scaffoling all day about front row seats...then many bands got to play..We saw every band we wanted to see. The next thing we know they asked people to get off the infield and no one listened.....then all hell broke out. Saw a girl i knew dragged through glass by the cops. what a day.................thumbed home.

Also, I still have the ticket stub plus concert flyer with all bands one I know has this. It is one of a kind!


This is excellent. Where can one see more early iggy/stooges film. All dvd available seem to be fairly recent.


my goood!!dear Richard, have ya gave the peanut butter to the LEGEND for real???Oh thanks...thanks to Iggy Ron Scott Dave(r.i.p.)and Dave.Hey people,all of you are nothingin front of all that fucking beautiful mess.Long live to the Stooges!!!

Major Tom

I need to find out more about this video I read about that was just released in Britian, I believe- its post Blah3 features Blondies drummer- has Eggs on Plate, Loco Mosquito, etc- my favorite Iggy -heard it SMOKES!!!

Major Tom

I'm looking for a video I read about-- Iggy in San Fran 1980 I think- can't find any info, it may have been a UK venture--its pre Blah3 Ig, featuring Blondie's drummer, Carlos Alomar, all kindza great players-I read it smokes and I can' find any info on it AT ALL- Iggy Rawks
Anyway, Love

gary brewer

wish i could view this, but webtv won't accept it! i was there, and got pelted with the peanut butter, which i still have in my scrapbook. i was right by him, and have seen that famous picture of iggy standing on the crowd, and saw myself with hands folded over the top of my head, so as to avoid the flying peanut butter! sort of a riot broke out at the end, but i don't remember why.


you dizzy muthafuckaz! iggy ruled, rulez and will rule forever. on that performnce he was on acid if someone wanders whats wrong wiyh him. backthan he was the biggest junkie on the stage, after him there was gg allin but hes dead now. but iggy started everything. the true king of rocknroll. sorry elvis...


Who ever said Stiv Bators brought the peanut butter and gave it to him , told a lie. My grandfather Phil Wolf in cincinnati gave him that peanut butter. The REAL story goes like this: Phil and his gf went to the concert, and she was hungry so she brought a picnic basket thing and they put the peanut butter and bread in there to make sandwiches. (he can even tell you the brand) they were making a sandiwch , when i guess a man next to phil saw it and asked for some and iggy saw the peanut butter and thats how it REALLY happened, not how everyone else is telling it. My grandpa is actually in the paper now for this, hes also in a picture taken a few people away from iggy. I dont know who has tryed to take credit for this but Phil Wolf is the one who actually brought that and has pics to prove it and whatever else, i just wanted to clear that up, because Stiv Bators had nothing to do with that peanut butter.


Friends and musicians, come to discover the title " Private Parts " which Iggy Pop introduces personally into The Demi Mondaine eponym album. A text written in 1969, and which it offered to the group. An unpublished piece thus, the voice takes all its scales. All the fun energy takes its flight. Carried by a striking mosaic. The balance is scuffed. That plays with the shrill parts and the breaks. The flights and the crashes. Just check it out!


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