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July 13, 2005



Iggy Pop's alleged homosexuality? I always figured the Ig transcended normal parameters of human sexual intercourse, thus his bagging of Dinah Shore.

Listener Matt

Was that "Hippies Go Home" photo taken at the D.C. pre-invasion protest in February of 2003? Looks mighty familiar...


Hey I remember that sign too. Along Capitol Hill, right? A girl near me replied, "Hey Alex P. Keaton, go to hell!"

Ed Word

That is some good water.


i'd say it sounds like a good balance. Oingo Boingo was probably one of the few true right-wing rock acts you can name (cf. "Intruder" and "Capitalism"). Gotta give balance where it's due, ya know?

Alexandra S.

Urban legend has it that Neil Young used to live in my old apartment in Ann Arbor.

But the hippies in Ann Arbor are for the most part long gone, or else they got rich. Having lived in both places, I would say Kalamazoo is the town for dirty hippies in Michigan, with Bell's Brewery as ground zero.

Alexandra (who hates hippy music)

buckeye girl

Damn. My lunch minutes today consisted of endless variations on "Should I eat these donuts or will they go right to my hips." Then I went and sat in the car for 15 minutes to escape this ongoing debate.

there used to be a great Columbus band called Stupid Fucking Hippie.


can someone direct me to nutty handjobs?


I remember seeing a picture of the Grateful Dead from the early seventies in which the late Ron "Pigpen' McKernan is holding a Winchester repeating rifle.
Nothing says "there's no time to hate" like a lever action rifle.

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