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July 12, 2005



Or the Mary Lou Williams song, A Fungus Amung Us, played by Bob Brainen just last Sunday.

Or try this, a whole festival devoted to the Humongus Fungus:

or from

The 12th Annual Humungus Fungus Festival

There's fungus among us! The hero of the Humungus Fungus Festival is a gigantic 1,500 year-old mushroom covering 37 acres and weighing 11 tons. Scientists found the giant 'shroom outside Crystal Falls, Michigan, in the 1980's and it wasn't long before the town saw the fungal possibilities. If you go to the Humungus Fungus fest expecting to feast your eyes on a giant mushroom, you will be disappointed to learn that the celebrated fungiform is in the forest, covered by a protective layer of leaves and humus. In that case this festival should be called "The Humungus Fungus Covered by Humus" festival.


ummm.... that's MOULTY.


Yes, it IS Moulty, which segues quite nicely into the bit about know, 'cause they're birds, and they, like, moult.

Blair Sterrett

Isn't there a song called "There's A Fungus Among Us" by Hugh Barrett & The Victors?


I'd like to hear Mouldy Old Dough by Lieutenant Pigeon mixed with that brilliant fungus.

Ron Shaffer

RE: "There's A Fungus Among Us" was a 45' inspired by Chicago WLS Disc Jocky, Dick Biondi in 1960. Bioni, was on the cutting edge of whacky radio. He was the most popular DJ in the Chicgo area during the early era of Rock & Roll. He would often say whacky things like "There's A Fungus Among Us" in a deep haunting voice. After several months of people calling writing him to find out what it meant. Finally, he started saying there was a R&R song by that name. He kept listeners guessing and instisting he was making it up over several weeks. He kept retorting that there really is a song, "There's A Fungus Among Us". Then he would start saying he would soon play it, building up skeptatism as well as believers anxiously awaiting.

Finally, he did play it. We all figured he got a local band to put together a song and record it. He did play it. It was no classic and obviously not main-stream talent. Apparently, the record started selling, but no hit. He continued to play it often for a few months.

I believe that within a couple of years, WLS, after Biondi getting more and more outragous, finally let him go. His cousin was friends with one of my college roomates. I believe he told me Dick Biondi went on to a radio station in L.A. and was popular for some time.
Ron Shaffer

Ron Shaffer

Opps. I think it was 1958 or 1959

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