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July 08, 2005


Ron D

Thanks!! This LP is so incredibly cool! One of my all time favs and and obscenely hard to find.

john bellows

hehe... hippies and jesus. That does make alot of sense!

Carl Howard

It's the double-LP version sent to radio stations which is the true Holiest of Grails! Who(mso)ever shall post this complete upon the Internet(s), the Kingdom of Heaven shall be both his and hers.


Thanks a lot, never got around to buy the reissue, so this will serve me good


I'll be stealing this for my blog.
I always loved "Music to Watch Girls By", wasn't aware there was so rich a body of stuff!

Dan Willems

Yes!Yes!Yes! Thanks a lot.


It`s a God thing Baby!


i love this site and i just want to say hello to all the members in this site


where oh where can I buy this? Did anyone make a reissue of it?


My Dear beloved Christ,

Grace and peace to you, to your Dear family from our Heavenly Father soon coming Saviour Jesus Christ.

Dear Brother:

How are you? We are all constantly praying for you and are hoping that you are fine in health by His grace.

I praise God for the opportunity given to me to speak to you by this letter. We were all constantly praying for you in our daily personal, family and assembly prayers.

I wants to speak to you daily, but could not able to do, since I am busy with Ministry work. God is GREAT and He is utilizing my services in spreading the Gospel Word. Large number of souls were saved and added to the kingdom of God. Part of my work I am also visiting the HIV/AIDS patients and preaching the Glorious Gospel to them. I am also visiting the widows and old aged people, giving them the necessary medicines and clothing.

Besides, I am leading the Pastor’s Fellowship and encouraging I agree number of Pastors to walk with Him.

I send herewith by attachment a photo picture, in which the children belong to HIV/AIDS patients and I have taken up their burden in providing food, accommodation and education. It became a heavy burden for me, but, I do feel that God shall supply all their needs. I request you my Dear Brother to kindly pray for these children in providing free food, clothing and education.

There is a lot of work yet to be done in our rural villages and still there are large number of villages where people do not know Jesus. I wants to reach these unreached areas and like to preach the Gospel Word and in this mighty task, I seek your fullest cooperation, help, support and constant prayers.

Our Country in which more particularly, our State of Andhra Pradesh stood second in HIV/AIDS since there are 30% people soaked with the dreadful disease. I request you to kindly pray for these HIV/AIDS patients my Dear Brother.

My dear family, co-pastors, saints have all constantly praying for you and for your family and Ministry and request you to continue to pray for me, for my Ministry and for the HIV/AIDS children and the people living in all our congregations.

With much love in Christ Jesus.

Yours Brother by grace alone,

Pastor J.PRABHUDAS, New Juruselem Prayer Church



A.P., S.INDIA.. Ph: + 91 - 8644-230771

Rex E Rowland

Dear Sir,

I humbly apply for your free Bible .
I want my life to be change and my friends life.Please I will like
you to send us the Bible (4)Copies so that will can study it and
understand it Sir. I realy need it . Well speak English language.

This is my postal Address again.
I will being waiting for your reply Sir.

Gary Roscoe Johnson

Hey, I have the full version, and the Cantata is very interesting - not awful, as it is characterized above.

Y'all are stuck in the soundbyte generation, and cant take an extended workout.


gary wanvig

I remember the old wabc-fm radio station, before they became

WPLJ-fm...................... gw

Pastor. J. Prabhudas

Fulfilling God’s Will in India !
my beloved in Christ, I Prabhudas from India greetings to you in the name our Lord Christ. I am very knee on evangelism. I reaches hundreds through Gospel meetings, crusades fasting & praying and house visiting. I have special burden for perishing youth and love for the little children. Though I am financially helpless I still helps the destitutes and widows and orphans by providing some medicines and garments and food. Very recently I opened a door for a new and heart touching ministry of visiting AIDS & HIV patients.Large number of people are here suffering due to lake of proper food and clothing and medication are left to fate. Truly when I see these people, my heart is rendering. They have no food for days together, they have no strength to knock the door-to-door begging food. Some are in desparate mood to attend even for nature of calls. I have no words to say about these people unless we look at them. People like you to come forward to their rescue. God laid great and heavy burden on meto work among these desparate people. I therefore taken up this greatest burden; meeting them, preaching and loading them in gospel. But I seek your help and support in this matter as I have no capacity to meet theirneed. In this connection I swear to the fact that every rupee shell be best utilized and spent for these poor children and orphan and old aged people and HIV patients. God provided you all comforts for which I pray God immensely. I therefore request you to kindly pray for these neglected and uncared poor children and widows, old aged people and HIV/AIDS patients believing them as your parents and children. I shell send you report regularly where the service is conducted supported with pictures for prayer. Your love and offerings to this service is much more needed. With all the burden I have I am not asking for anything but only desires that you should visit me and the ministry and see it yourself. I can arrange some special public meetings and Pastors conferences so that you can personally talk to them to know the true condition of Indian Pastors.A lot is to be done for God and the extension of His Kingdom. India is a free country and God’s grace is abundant on this country. The field is readly to be harvested and Prabudas Means “Servant of the Lord”! I was born in a staunch Hindu family where worshipping many idols was a serious matter and was done with all the faith I had in them. God’s saving eyes were seeking to save all those who are willing to change. I was saved from the life of idolatry 20 years ago and committed to serve the Lord and thus fulfilling the meaning of my name! now with my wife and eldest son I fully involve in various ministries in Guntur District. I live in Tenali in Andhra Pradesh.There are currently about two dozen congregations and nearly 120 co-workers who are zealously serving the Lord in dozens of villages, only a few congregations have church buildings – mostly thatched huts. I also educate ten young people a year to take up the ministry in new villages. The harvest is truly plenteous and labourers also plenty but only thing any Indian worker lacks is money. So please pray for the situation here going on. So many people are willing to work for Christ if the minimum needs are met a number of labourers are available with no help to go further. It is a very serious situation but needs only a little understanding. If one does not see it personally it is difficult to understand. Who can come here without burden for the lost souls. You don’t have to be a missionary but first came and see then you will surely become one!God bless you and your household.I am waiting for your adviceYours in Christ,

Pastor. J. Prabhudas
PH+91-8644-230771. coll 93463 37194
E-mail : [email protected]
[email protected]

Let It Think

This is the comic version of the sacred mushroom and the cross

Tri-Rock Radio

This is just what our station needed!!! This makes it just be more fun for the station to add this cool stuff!!!

WE play Christian/Positive Hard Rock Metal... and even a show 3 times a week that is from that era late 60's - 70's, 80's 90's straight into 2000+

We are always looking for more stuff like this!

Rock on...
Tri-Rock Crew

Cliff Houser

What a neat deal to find pastor Rydgren's cuts which I played for years on my late night jazz shows in the 60's and Armed forces radio in Vietnam. Is he living and I have the rights to continue to play them today on the air....unchanged, of course.

Bhathiya Senanayake

Most of the Christian community around the world use alcohol. But only some are addicted to it. Drug usage is the other fact. The religion has a big effect for the recovery process.


Bhathiya Senanayake

Just use the keyword "Christian Drug Rehab" as the link in the signature

Christian Drug Rehab


I knew Rev. Rydgren and his family when they lived on Long Island in the 1970s.Would he please contact me?


Brother John was a huge influence on the 60's and 70's youth in SoCal...I know, I was one of 'em. He was planting God-seeds before the Jesus movement began, and I think was a big role in the beginnings of the evangelical revival of the 70's. Brother John helped me break free of the idea of a mean God, and set my head straighter toward Him.


YAY! Thank you so very much for sharing this great work with the world. I just discovered the Pastor TODAY at a record show, fell in love and then baulked at the prices of these albums. BUT now I can still enjoy the tunes without the price. Praise be to that! YEAH!

Tom Clifford

reminds me of Malcolm Boyd, who was kind of the beatnik priest.

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