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July 14, 2005



Don't forget Pink Floyd's 'Money' and its 'bullshit', which is the other freebie I can think of at the moment ...


You can ask the FCC to deny the indcency complaint at They fight back against the Parents Television Council idiots.

Rick Ele

I was wondering how urban/top 40 stations were getting away with programming that new Black Eyed Peas song? You can barely hear the "n" in "Phunk" ("Don't Phunk With My Heart").


And don't forget Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery" which got loads of uncensored play before anyone realized she was saying "beautiful fucked up man" in the middle of it, because her voice just sounds so sweet and all, you wouldn't guess it's what she's saying there.


I remember when Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" was big. I don't remember any of the radio stations near me censoring the line "harmless little fuck".


Re: "Jeremy" -
WDVE and WXDX Pittsburgh used to play a version where the vocal track dropped out and it sounded like Eddie just trailed off, "Seemed a harmless little..."
I was amazed when I bought the CD and heard the real thing for the first time.
Of course, the same stations played "Who Are You" uncensored.

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