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July 05, 2005


Ed Word

So does that mean Andy can start saying "Tuff Titties" again?

scott pilutik

I'm surprised you didn't mention the simple fact that 2004 was an election year, which is traditionally the time when politicians 'get tough' and pander to the base instincts of the religious right. And this past 2004 was one of the panderiest panderfests in the history of pandering. True, the FCC is appointed and theoretically non-partisan, but it's never been much of secret which way this particular regime leaned. Not to take away from your points, which are all valid, but I think political climate is probably a contributing factor.

On a similar note, a timeline demonstrating the frequency of terror alert elevations (from 'bert' to 'ernie') during 2004 and after the election would probably look freakishly similar to the timeline of FCC fine issuances, as there have also been... none.

Listener Paul

A quick look at indicates the bill, HR 310 is somewhere in the Senate.

Station Manager Ken

Scott - While the election definitely amped up the Indecency issue in 2004, it had been building for three years already. The Superbowl in Feb 2004 didn't create the issue, it was already quite hot and heavy, it just wasn't in the mainstream press until '04.

This issue hasn't gone away, it's just resting, unfortunately.




A valid case can be made that this has certainly taken place on WFMU where it seems the most tiny potential nuance is censored in the most obsessive- compulsive manner.

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