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July 18, 2005



That's frightening!
Iggy's chesticles look like a chart on soil erosion!
Give that man a cheeseburger.

Ed Word

What a homo!!


audio? audio!!

i've been looking for a quicktime of the video online for a long time. the only time i saw it was here on cable access in NYC.


Jeff T

Quicktime clip as ordered from the TV Carnage Website.

More fun at


Jeff, you are the man once agian.

Nothing is greater than the face Mr Bowie makes whilst hearing "But you cut yourself with a bottle."


Terry Gross would've gotten some serious props had she asked Iggy last week whether he's worn a shirt since 1970.

MacDonald Daniel

You guys obviously haven't seen "the adventures of pete & pete," which, by the way, was filmed in Jersey.

Anonymous Bosch

Video of Iggy on Canadian Talk Show, March 1977 -- Very good.

carl von butt

is that terry gross thing online anywhere? npr don't have it cuz of rights issues or whatever.


I need to transfer the video I have of the Iggy / Dinah Shore show - it is the actual song performances ("Funtime" & "Sister Midnight") and introduction of the band (including the great Sales Brothers - sons of Soupy Sales!) with between song banter between "Jimmy" and Dinah. Once I figure out the transfer, I will post it here.

bill prokipchak

anyone seen a video of when the Stooges were on some 70's nightime concert show-"In Concert", Don Kirshner's Rock Concert or something like that. It wasnt in a studio they were performing onstage in front of a real audience. I remember that the other band who was on was Black Oak Arkansas (remember Jim Dandy anyone?). I recall at one point iggy was under a sheet and there was a strobe light going on it. It was with James Williamson for sure. Help anyone? I just found this site today so sorry if this is already posted somewhere else. Rock action!


The Shore appearance is a trip, but the only copies I've seen (vintage VHS boots) have that underwater photography look common to many bad VHS dubs; it would be great if people actually searched out better-quality versions for transcoding rather than ancient counterfeits, which is why I like BOTB. Things look and sound great here....

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