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July 18, 2005



That's frightening!
Iggy's chesticles look like a chart on soil erosion!
Give that man a cheeseburger.

Ed Word

What a homo!!


audio? audio!!

i've been looking for a quicktime of the video online for a long time. the only time i saw it was here on cable access in NYC.


Jeff T

Quicktime clip as ordered from the TV Carnage Website.

More fun at http://www.tvcarnage.com/


Jeff, you are the man once agian.

Nothing is greater than the face Mr Bowie makes whilst hearing "But you cut yourself with a bottle."


Terry Gross would've gotten some serious props had she asked Iggy last week whether he's worn a shirt since 1970.

MacDonald Daniel

You guys obviously haven't seen "the adventures of pete & pete," which, by the way, was filmed in Jersey.

Anonymous Bosch

Video of Iggy on Canadian Talk Show, March 1977 -- http://archives.cbc.ca/IDC-1-68-102-761/arts_entertainment/punk/. Very good.

carl von butt

is that terry gross thing online anywhere? npr don't have it cuz of rights issues or whatever.


I need to transfer the video I have of the Iggy / Dinah Shore show - it is the actual song performances ("Funtime" & "Sister Midnight") and introduction of the band (including the great Sales Brothers - sons of Soupy Sales!) with between song banter between "Jimmy" and Dinah. Once I figure out the transfer, I will post it here.

bill prokipchak

anyone seen a video of when the Stooges were on some 70's nightime concert show-"In Concert", Don Kirshner's Rock Concert or something like that. It wasnt in a studio they were performing onstage in front of a real audience. I remember that the other band who was on was Black Oak Arkansas (remember Jim Dandy anyone?). I recall at one point iggy was under a sheet and there was a strobe light going on it. It was with James Williamson for sure. Help anyone? I just found this site today so sorry if this is already posted somewhere else. Rock action!


The Shore appearance is a trip, but the only copies I've seen (vintage VHS boots) have that underwater photography look common to many bad VHS dubs; it would be great if people actually searched out better-quality versions for transcoding rather than ancient counterfeits, which is why I like BOTB. Things look and sound great here....

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