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July 14, 2005


fatty jubbo

if your lady eats a lot of popcorn, the heini hole feels as if it has teeth nipping like little minnows.


Arrrh me scurveys.
If she packs her ass with broken glass she'll circmcise the skipper!

reggiano p.

Why either or? My girlie likes a little digital stimulation in the end occaisionally, and it's nice to feel her orgasmic squeeze around my finger as well as my wiener.


Speaking of appreciating vaginas (and I do, I do), here's one on display out by the Rockland County courthouse!



So you've stumbled onto our plot, Mr. Berger

As watching porn is more vicarious than most audio-visual media appreciation, I suspect that a large percentage of the buttsex porn audience are identifying with the buttsex receiver (i.e. the insertee) rather than the buttsex giver (i.e. the insertor).

Evidence: buttsex porn often emphasizes large insertions and "gaping" relaxation of the anus. If this were supposed to be sensual for the male shouldn't the opposite be emphasized?

I'm not a pornographer so my ideas are broad guesses -- perhaps noticeable compression on the fella's shaft, or demonstrating the actress can expel small objects at high velocities? (Porn routinely depicts freakier things.) Things of that nature would interest penises sincerely seeking tight(er) sockets.

Also, I would imagine a lot of hetero high-volume porn consumers are male sexual loners, some of whom may have turned their interests "inward", so to speak. (Search engine queries being futile in these matters, I don't have rectal masturbation statistics to back this up, and for this I'm sorry.)

Anyway, do you really hear a lot of heterosexual women expressing enthusiasm for buttsex? Self-promoting sex workers on Howard Stern (huh huh, he said "stern") don't count. Even the industry doesn't consider buttsex porn "couples" market product.

I think this is one of those situations where porn's ever-true mirror on real life may be lensing just a bit.


On the contrary, very few straight women (based, once again, on my personal research) are gung-ho for the buttsex (and Amen to that!) When I speak of interent porn, it's assumed I'm referring to a 99% straight male audience, both those with partners and healthy sex lives, as well as those who are so deprived and embittered that they want to hurt and degrade all those women who won't have a thing to do with them. Whether you're stretching out the woman's butthole with absurd insertions etc., or just taking the tighter road-less-traveled, the point (most often) is still to degrade, demoralize, dehumanize and perhaps depersonalize, rather than sensualize. I simply refuse to see it as a gentle sharing of mutual affection (as I assume it is amongst most gay couples.) I was just trying to get the guys to remember to flip their girl over once in a while.
Re: identifying with "the insertee," the point is well taken. I've often thought that the "straighter" a man feels he must act, the "gayer" he may well be.

Robert Paulson

Don't knock it till ya tried it...


Hey fight club man, what makes you think that I haven't tried it? Tried the back door a few times during my single years—I usually ended up with a pinched dick covered in poop—very sexy. Guess I'm just a freak in love with pussy!

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