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July 18, 2005



I love watching that stuff, too. I remember watching a Korean mideval drama too. A lot was about the trials of some orphan girl named Gae Dong (sp?) which means, I kid you not, Dog Shit. No wonder all the orphans want to get adopted.

Not to be confused with the recent "dog shit girl" story described here.

Dong == dung, get it? Also “General” sounds like “chungun" also resembles "shogun" from whence it probably came unless both are actually from a Chinese word.

I was listening to one of those Bollywood shows once and heard the song the Dog Faced Hermans sampled on "This Sound Has No Waves" (some wicked ass shenai & drums bhangra thing) but I never did figure out what it was called.

I no longer live in range of such TV.


When my roommates and I used to watch it I christened it Fake Beard Dynasty.

andrew jones

might wanna check out some chinese videos
based around remixing those fantasy soaps



they also show yi soon shin at sunday at 8:00 p.m.
I am korean, and I love yi soon shin as much as you do!
Because my family is too curious about the next episode.
They go to Korean video shop and borrow it, but don't
borrow it, video doesn't have translation. They show Korean
drama at channel 44 and 18 since 7:30 but they show Japanese
at saturday and sunday at channel 18.


I just discovered The Immortal Yi Soon Shin a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. I never watch Asian television or soap style television or any TV for that matter but now I’m hooked. This television show has me pulled in which no other program has done before. Not only is it entertaining (with fabulous acting and set designs/special effect & costumes) but also interesting historic fact. I’m now drawn to Korean history like Bronwyn and will most likely be visiting that part of the world some time in the near future.


yes yes yes! YI SOON SHIN! i am korean as well, damn! he is a great guy! without him, us koreans would have probably become japanese!well..anyways, thanks for all those great opinions about this inspirational drama.


oh yea! there was another korean drama that aired a few years ago and it is also about the korean vs. japanese thing! it takes place in the 1920's-1940's! its when japan invaded korea and took over our culture and land for many many years!(well atleast yi soon shin saved us earlier in history, cuz if he didnt, it would have been impossible for us)so anyways, its about this korean guy named Kim Doo Han. He was a gangster of the streets of jongro(it was the heart of korea's society) and his father was a great freedom fighter known every korean person at that time until he died. Gangs in korea, at that time were known as freedom fighters in the streets, because they protect the citizens of jongro from the notorious yakuza. then later kim doo han became the godfather of all korean gangsters and had atleast 10,000 people under him. he supressed the yakuza and was known as the chosun's(korea's)fist! a cool fact here was that he fought of 40 yakuza members with only 4 of his men! thats crazy. anyways, i just wanted to express to you guyz that there was another great korean leader at the time of another japanese invasion. you guyz should watch it if they have the dvd's for it, cuz it has amazing fighting scenes and stuff that brings in charisma!


the whole family waits anxiously each week for the next episode. My wife is Korean and has taught us all about Korean history. Each Saturady and Sunday night has became family night watching this exiciting drama


I have been hooked on these Korean HIstorical dramas for a while. They have all been pretty good but Yi Soon Shin is superb. If you want to read a good book about him in English, check out Samurai Invasion by Turnbull. Every episode of the drama is based on solid histroical facts. It also seems to me that Yi studied Sun Tzu.

Jim Guignard

I discovered the Yi Sun Shin series by accident about a month ago and have not missed an episode since. Enjoying it very much and wishing I had discovered it at the beginning.



I i've started watching this show on WMBC(channel 20) aswell and when i first saw it it was intriguing. As i continued to watch the series I got more an more drawn in with each episode. I didn't know much of the historic backroud but i loved the plot lines the show had. At the end of each episode when they play that kick ass music i'm allways anxious to see the next episode the following saturday. One of the greater misconceptions i had about the show was "Who is Yi Soon Shin?"(i have a hard time connecting the name to the face sometimes). Since then I reasonably figured out that he was the Admiral who commanded the navy. Now that i know who the main character is i have to say this guy who plays Yi Soon Shin is a great actor. Before i had developed a taste for Japanese anime and thats how i got into Japanese culture(it's cool cause they fight Japan on the show). I can see why this is one of the best shows in Korea.

I would love to watch the series from the begining so i can better understand the story. If anyone knows where i can get the show on dvd(with subtitles) please email me.

George Lopez

Joining everyone here in kudos for "The Immortal Yi Soon Shin"! I discovered it last May on WMBC-TV, Channel 20, Cablevision/Brooklyn, and have tried to catch each episode since. My sister has just adopted a child from Seoul and so my family and I are eagerly looking for background such as this production to familiarize ourselves with the history of Korea. As I write this, I have just viewed Episode 94, and can't wait till the finale tomorrow night. I heartily agree with the correspondent here who wishes to see more "World TV" on PBS. How enriching would it be to see Asian, African, and Latin American productions such as Yi Soon Shin on our screens. KBS is to be congratulated for providing us with this series. I too am fed up with the pretentious biddings of Public Broadcasting. Are they really winking at us as they put up BBC reruns for the umpteenth time? With the exception of a few shows -- The News Hour, Nova, Frontline, even Live from Lincoln Center -- I don't see much cutting edge, thoughtful programming on PBS. (Or did you not see a few months back "American Masters" featuring -- I kid you not -- two hours on the career of comedian Bob Newhart!)


hei everyone, can u please help me to find the link to download the movies with english sub or english languages???? Or where to buy them???



I am in awe of so many people...people who actually wath this amazing show. My family and I sit together every Saturday and Sunday evening, anticipating for the kick ass show. Although I look up to him with the upmost respect (can you believe I'm talking about a dead guy?), it is nothing compared to my mother's respect. If that show ended, we wouldn't know what to do. If anyone can help us find the precise show in DVD with English subtiltes, please contact me! And please stay with this show to the end, it deserves it.

Tom O'Brien

Yi Soon Shin, the greatest televison series ever. I don't know what to watch after the last 5 episodes are shown.


Yi Soon Shin is great!!! You are so right the costumes and the scenery are beautiful. Everyone one the show is great.... I will be sad when it ends... We are at the 90th episode and I love the show....
Have you seen Tae Guk Gi it was awesome also!!!

Tom Larsen

Yes, back in 2003, I too became "hooked" on Korean TV dramas. I don't know what it is, but I can't wait for the next one. I even started a company called YA Entertainment to create Korean TV dramas on DVD with English subtitles. That's all I do each day... help produce these DVDs. It's such a dream job.

If you like "The Immortal Yi Soon Shin," you will also like another Korean historical drama called "Jewel in the Palace" aka "Dae Jang Geum." It was on Comcast's AZN channel, and was on a few local channels in Chicago, Philly, LA, and Hawaii. I of course have the DVD version. It's amazing. Many non-Koreans say that "Jewel in the Palace" is the best TV show they have ever seen.


I was lucky enough to borrow the DVD version of Dae Jang Geum from a Korean friend and agree that it is one of the best Korean historical dramas. It not only teaches us how the politics of the Royal Court of Choson worked in those days (disturbing, yet interesting!) but more importantly shows us how a person with great knowledge that is tempered by impeccable character can overcome and successfully (and honorably)turn around the most unimaginable hardships and injustices that could be placed upon a human being, let alone a woman of that era. It is well worth the hours you will need to set aside to watch all 54 episodes.

As for Yi Soon Shin, nothing can compare to the admiration I hold for this man. Like Suh Jang Geum, Admiral Yi overcomes the most impossible odds imaginable while exemplifying the most honorable characteristics a human being could have. The TV series (Bulmyeolui Yi Soon Shin) impressively portrays the great deeds of this true hero of Korean history. In my opinion, the screen writers of this series have done an amazing job of both entertaining while keeping to historical fact. The special effects are breathtaking while the acting is outstanding to the point that it makes you feel all the emotions that the poor embattled people of Choson must have experienced while their dysfunctional government kept digging themselves into a deeper hole when the Japanese invaded in 1592. Despite all of this, without an ounce of support from the useless King, the destructive lies from those jealous of him, and the half-hearted, insincere support from the Ming empire, Yi Soon Shin overcame what most people could not overcome even if they had full support from a fully functional government. This is what makes his story so remarkable.

It's great to see that there are some of us out there who recognize the great deeds of one of world history's most deserving but unsung heroes.


I was lucky enough to watch the series "The immortal Yi Soon Shin" from June 2005 through the ending on Satuday (October 22). I would love to watch the episodes I missed. If anyone can advise me where I can get the DVD of this series with English subtitles, I would appreciate it. What a fantastic show that has been. I think I will be having Yi Soon Shin withdrawals every weekend from now on.

Will Norell

Hi. has Dae Jang Geum on DVD. I just emailed the CEO of yesasia asking him about the availability of Yi Soon Shin on DVD. I suggest anyone who wants it on DVD to ask him about it also, so the company will know about the demand.
FYI. The earlier Korean history shows were called "Wang Guhn", "The Northern Expansion" and also "The Age of Warriors." They were about events in 900+ AD-- the uniting of the Three Kingdoms into Koryo (modern Korea.)


Will, you forgot "Tears of the Dragon" and "Dawn of the Empire" among others which I can't remember. "Dawn of the Empire" took over where "Wang Guhn" left off and was primarily about 2 of Emperor Taejo's (Wang Guhn's) successor sons and the trials and tribulations they went through to maintain what their father had established. I remember watching a number of episodes of "Emperor Wang Guhn" (2 or 3 years ago) and was very impressed by this production. If I recall correctly it was a very long series (about 200 episodes) and I must have missed about ½ of them but what I did see really impressed me and got me hooked on Korean Historical dramas.
The Age of Warriors, while not as long or impressive as Wang Guhn (in my opinion), was still a very good series because it really stuck to its intended purpose of describing a period of Korean History (about 100 years) where the Military took over the government because the government had become completely, dysfunctional, corrupt and self destructive. (This seems to be a common occurrence in Korean history). While the original intent of the military takeover was quite noble, this series showed how even the most noble undertaking can fall victim to "power" which eventually "blinds and corrupts one's virtue" and led to the demise of the "Age of Warriors".

By the way, Will, could you give us Yesasia CEO's email address so we can all write him and request they get the DVD version of Bulmyeolui Yi Soon Shin out on the market soon?

These Korean filmmakers are awesome!


The last episode of Immortal Yi Soon Shin aired this past Saturday night in my viewing area, and I'm really sad that it's over. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can by the DVDs of this series (with the English Subtitles). I have not seen the first 30 episodes. Has anyone actually taped it?


The Immortal Yi Soon Shin was phenomenal! I have been watching the series for months..i was fortunate enough to have caught the series from the very beginning, only missing an episode here and there. The show airs twice a week and my mother and I wait eagerly each day until the next episode airs. Who would have thought that a historical tv series could suck a 17 year old boy in like this and keep him hungrily waiting for more each week. I watched the final episode last night and i am greatly saddened that the show has finally ended. Tonight the station aired an episode that helped close the series..there were cast interviews and scenes from the filming that showed how it was all done. The series has left me in such awe that i have been on the internet for the past hour, browsing through websites about Yi Soon-shin, when i have a ton of homework still waiting for me. The show was amazing and Yi Soon-shin will stay in my heart forever..if anyone has the slightest idea of where or how to obtain videos or dvd's of the series, please let me know!


by the way, like Will Norell above, i have also e-mailed the CEO of, asking if he had the series or if he could produce it. If anyone else is interested in owning the series, please e-mail him by going here:

the more people who request for the series on dvd the better..he will see the demand for it and will consider producing it


I caught the series by accident a few months ago and was hooked. The acting, visuals, historical story line and just plain timeless ethics displayed by the characters made it a keeper. I'm trying to find out where to buy a DVD of the series also.

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