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July 26, 2005



for years I always wondered what Chris T, Ken Freedman & Andy Breckman looked like. The only one in which my imagination did not match up with was Chris T. I always imagined him being a skinny slightly tatooed guy.

Thank god for the internet, because for years I also wondered what the hell Terry Gross looked like. I have also done countless searches on the local NPR hosts, having grown very affectionate towards their voices...and unfortunately being confronted with something less than savory.

I always check the Howard Stern site to see these supposed "hot chicks' he rattles off about and I invariably get a mouthful of vomit.

just john

Gee, Jandek gets played on WFMU ... Do I have to make 36 more albums before I do? (I know they had an album of mine at one point 'cuz I sent 'em a copy of Ayatollah of Understatement a couple years ago)



For my own, Jandek is the emperor's new clothes, whether I can see his face or not. Peel off the mask, there ain't nothin' there anyway.

Zach in Philly

For the longest time, I couldn't tell if Diane Kamikaze was male or female. During this Liquid Sky daydream, the person imagination lent her to was an androgynous (though probably male) tall metal-punk character with whom I shared many a cross-walks with one afternoon in midtown. This person was wearing some kinda shoe-boot with really thick souls and an outfit that went well with the colorful Fun Machine. Since the Bust magazine article and volunteering on a Thursday two marathons in a row, the illusion has long been shattered. The one thing I can say, though, is that I have more respect for Diane and all the DJs I've met or seen. It's then and on that I realize these people are just like me: they go to work, buy food in grocery stores, and fight traffic/commute. AND, they do a these great, hand-crafted, time-intensive shows on WFMU ... which makes them pretty remarkable. Truth may not always be stranger than fiction, but it's not Monopoly money either.

Delightful post, Scott!

travel today

I am experimenting with the process of listening to each Jandek cut played by the DJs posted here while seeing how long into their shows it may take to find something less listenable. In each case, so far, it has happened. My point? Well to each his own... I find Jandek the ultimate DIY proponent - doing it for years, w/o compromise... I guess so many of the FMU free form DJs might disagree (and have...) - but, guess what, there's worse crap that gets played.. IMHO

ocular spectra

here's my own blog about jandek and the recent flurry of activity and intrigue surrounding the upcoming new york city show:

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