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July 21, 2005


Simon A.

There's usually a Nude Beach Week around the middle of the month, too. Plus Roky Erickson's and Screamin' Jay Hawkins's and Linda Rondstadt's birthday on the fifteenth.


Thanks for the heads up on Nude Beach Week--good to know for public safety reasons.

However, please note that this is not the Week of the Month Club or the Birthday of the Month Club. This is a very tightly organized blog and we can't just have everyone free-forming all over the place.


I think what you have here is a photo of a cow with the painful condition known as mastitis -- a result of being pumped full of hormones and pumped by machine (after having your child taken from you) so that people can drink the milk intended for your child. Please don't mock the results of such cruelty. Please visit to learn why milk is bad for you and even worse for the cows from whose bodies it is taken.

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