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August 04, 2005



he admired Hitler?
really Ken!
is that the way it is, or the desperate interpretation of a man you don't like because of his party affiliation.
the quote is from the OH SO reputable source of - an unpublished book proposal!
a proposal whose author stated that they were taken out of context. none of this matters to you of course. its a niftly little nugget to bolster a paranoid view of "the evil party".
nevermind the fact that Arnold stated:
"I cannot remember any of these. All I can tell you is that I despise everything Hitler stood for. I despise everything the Nazis stood for ... everything the Third Reich stood for."
and he has always given immensley to the simon weisenthal center.

whats next another obsequious post lauding the reptilian drunk George Galloway?
he was just on Al Jazeera paying homage to the brave insurgency!

Black Domina

is this for real? just seems like this could be a spoof. Can you buy it anywhere?


michael Snider

According to the current issue of Rolling Stone (with Hendrix on the cover), Ahnold is a Kasabian fan. Supposedly his daughter got him into them.....

Station Manager Ken

Thank you, Horns. There's nothing more fulfilling than getting into a pointless political argument with someone who refuses to even identify his bad self.

Thanks for pointing out that Arnold denied being an admirer of Hitler. I was not aware of that. What a surprise! Given Arnold's desire for a political career, I would've expected his response to be more along the lines of: "Yes, I admired Hitler then, and I admire him even more now!"

But you are absolutely correct that WFMU's blog really has a moral responsibility to display even-handedness with regard to our coverage of the exercise record issue. So I will endeavor to find an embarrassing workout record from a well known democrat and post it here.



Barbara on KPFA in Berkeley, CA often used to start her Crack O'Dawn show with this. Made me laugh, what with him being Govnah and all.


This post is teh new hotness. Thanks.



Schwarzenegger just had an auction on his webpage. I lost out bidding for a beautiful 10x8 signed photograph... Damn. (

If you forget about politics, rumours and film preferences for a moment: He has artistic value. The imagery that is.

And sad but true: Politics is more like a beauty contest then a contest of ideas for some.


my god. how could this have slipped under my radar?! sure it's a hilariously ridiculous novelty, but this thing totally friggin' rocks!

thanks for not only informing me of this, but also sharing the album itself. I may just have to go find myself a copy of this bad boy, for posterity and all...


he did actually say he admired, Hitler, po poo, brain, and he made crappy statem,ents in the 1988 reagan conference, claiming that the Soviets occupied his town, and that this made him a anti-communist, Then you look at the facts, and the communists never occupied his part of austria, they hardly did anything bad thetre, and a million austrians died fighting for the nazis, how could he see the communist as a bigger threat than the nazis, surely this bully, who chides his oponents, like a serial killer does his victims, is the biggest shame on the american flag ever, as to how he goes on about being proud to be a immigrant, then says how he supports anti immigrant groups that shoot immigrants on the border, he grew up in the shadow iof nazi-sims, in austria, where people were taken to death canmps, and he fears communi8sm, whioch was unbelievably mild in austria, nmore than he fears nazis, surely this shows that he is a scary bloke, a bully, and a fiend, that shows, american footballers are taking over us politics, and univeristy jocks, and they are treating all the decent people, like crap, so we shopuld hate america, and love iran

Andrew Mackay

I love arnie. He should be president



How do i get Arnold Scarzenneggar tarining Videos / DVD/ CD

Eager to hear from you


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thank you sooooo much! i've been looking everywhere for this "CD". there's nothing like listening to arnold over journey! "Up, down... beginners should only do 50!" priceless.

oh, and as per the politcal orientated comment by hornsofthedevil... ok, let's say the hitler thing was made up. how do you feel about the groping of women that he [arnold] admitted to? or is that some biased agenda too?

democrat or republican... doesn't matter. the man is slimy.

and this album is funny.

so there... anonymity rules.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is nice body


Yes, "hornsofthedevil", he did publicly state that he admired Hitler. But of course, consider the context... blah blah. We all know that anything we say can be taken to mean the opposite (ask anyone who's argued with his wife) and once someone has achieved any level of public notoriety there will be someone out there to do the word-twisting for you. But don't just dismiss the source and accept his new statement as making it all better-- that would be convenient, but still lying. Although come to think of it, lying would about the only thing consistent with Schwarzenegger's historical revisionism.


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