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August 30, 2005



here you can find a preview of the song:
but I would only recommend the latest album. You can preview it at apples musicstore:


Janey Yonkers

Thanks, Listener christian. I listened to about 15 seconds of the preview and had to turn it off. I'm sure it would make Bronwyn C. homicidal.
Listener Janey


I absolutly agree on that. "tonight we fly" is pretty shitty. but you should give "my imaginary friend" a chance. its quite naive too but weird enough to be almost good.



Janey, is first up on Google.
Divine Conmedy is Neil hannon, he's irish and had a minor UK hit with the quirky 'Something for the Weekend' ometime in the 90's. My girlfriend had the CD with that track, Casanova and on the strength of that I bought her the 'Fin de Siecle' CD. Not my kinda music. Maybe not Bronwyn's either!
Shuffle-free D

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