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August 02, 2005



But you said no Javascript?!!

Station Manager Ken

Correct. We would prefer no javascript. "Ready, Set, Javascript" is a joke.


Bat Guano

I loooove you guys, but here's a suggestion for the blog: Get rid of the white text on black background! It gives me headaches, makes me wooozy.

Please. Do it for the children.


Here is our proposal:

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions

- Ted + karina

Anita, web developer

OOps too late. If you still need design just contact us we wil be ready to help you out.
P.S. Personally I do not like black background.


Is the result available for viewing?

Gil Roitto

Masuga Design claims he won the contest and shows some glimpses of the design on his/her webpage:

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