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August 04, 2005



Excellent post. I'm curious as to the nature of this company, i.e. was it a large fortune 500 conglomerate or small or mid-sized monster?
I had a really crazy experience not so much with resigning but working in a hostile and chaotic environment in a mind-numbingly boring job in which I was given a 'final warning' memo for a goof that I had made (and owned up to and vowed to correct.) As this was in the kind of large company that had an employee's manual, I looked into the procedure by which employees can be terminated and realized my manager was making it up as she was going along. So I refuted the final warning memo in a long a meticulously detailed memo of my own which documented the chaotic and hostile environment, demanded a representative from human resources be present at all meetings I have with management and threatened possible legal action (after all--they besmirched my professional character!) Really my goal was simple: I wanted to be sure that I generously shared some of the discomfort I was being subjected to. It was satisfying insomuch as they did NOT expect this, and right after I sent the email I got to see all the muckity-mucks scramble around from one office to another, meeting behind closed doors...
These experiences are ulcer-inducing but you learn some valuable lessons from them.


This was a very small company, owned and run by 1 man who re-wrote the rulebook (which was all in his head) daily. I've said too much already...

ibeam, aka - Mr. Klein (actually it's spelled differently)

Wonderfuly accurate!

Sensei Rebel

It wouldn't have helped this boss to see the error of his ways if you just called him a dickhead?

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