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August 30, 2005


John L

Too long an article for me to read but probably what many who lived in New Orleans might go through. Hurricanes used to be something you would have a party for, in New Orleans, defying it. I don't think too many people are having parties for this one.

I'm watching the fires break out now. That and the breeched levees may be what makes New Orleans an uninhabitable place from now on. Contemplate that. And all the other damage along the Gulf and inland.

I'm not Lisa

we don't have basements in the south we have debasements.



Do you still host a forum on this website for people to read and post messages?
If so, could you point me to it.
I see blogs but I really wanted to read off the forum.

Thank you.


God bless America!
But all causes belong you, people of USA.
Global Warming makes many hurricane.
See your terrible reality. You made this reality.
Why don't you sign "Kyoto Protocol (to Reduse CO2)"?
Or ... you'll face more terrible future.


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