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August 24, 2005


Jeff T

There is a free downloadable program by the (presumably now very wealthy) people at Google called Google Earth


The Google Earth version has the added advantage of offering 3D terrain data. You can turn the map on its side and appreciate the relief. In some larger cities, they stick in little building block buildings over the photos of actual ones. You can also download points and fly-throughs from other users. Make sure you have a decent PC with 3D graphic accelerator, and of course broadband.

But Flash Earth is cool for kiosk and other locked-down PCs. You can also turn on black-and-white MSN VE coverage of presumably earlier vintage to see how things have changed. Thanks for the link.


Along those same lines, is a fine site for finding interesting things within google maps and they even have a little plugin to zip around to all of them.


I never realized there was a C-shaped swimming pool on top of the post office next to the station.

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