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August 28, 2005



After finally reading Dune this past summer, I went t olook about the lost footage in David Lynch's version and came across all the Alejandro Jodorowsky info. What really makes me laugh is that he never read the book and did not ever plan on looking at the source material at all

Simon A.

Sorry, no. Should have been John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon, with a decent budget.

Bill W

It's been over 20 years, but I still wish *I* had never read the book...


If you think Jodorowsky's "Dune" was a pipe dream, you still can't get legit/decent DVD copies of "El Topo" and "Holy Mountain" in the States. End grumble.


Excuse me!! Carpenter and O'bannon???
errrr!! I've just bought it here in Mexico on DVD.
... the book is ok, but not sublime, and Lynch's version... well, Ill just keep on dreaming that Jodorowsky film the version, or give us a comic. ANYTHING.

Dedy's Guide to DVDs Source

I've just had the DVD too. But I still like read the book than watch on DVD.

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