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August 25, 2005



Hold on there! A couple of those sofas DIDN'T have plastic on them, are you sure all those photos were of Brooklyn?


i kind of like the orange situation, reminds me of my rivers edge youth, especially with that sparse edge - like there's something missing and no ones saying anything. still, looks like you could smoke some and watch star channel in there pretty comfortably. looks like half a set from phantasm (the first one only).

Krys O.

That's it! I'm moving my fridge into the living room as soon as I get home.


these are so beautiful I could weep.

Kenneth Vieth

When did Liberace move to Brooklyn?


Sure, I'll have a formaldehyde and tonic thanks.

listener dave from n'hampsha

Not a single mirror-top coffee table? Oh, for shame, Brooklyn. For shame.


these are so beautiful!!! I love it. That's my dream

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