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August 05, 2005



Interesting stuff Brian. Cool downloads too, thanks!

I was just thinking the other day, listening to the Aircheck archive of WFMU IDs, how insincere that old tradition of getting a celebrity to say they "always tune in whenever I'm in the area" is.


From what Aldo Nova looks like now I think he is making pit stops up and down the coast usually for a quick bite.


Great post, and fascinating files. Thanks for the insight, Brian! BTW, I have a fun story about this...

Brian Turner

Congratulations, The fact you used a George Michael promo interview LP to fake an interview to get booty from a girl puts you in the..uh, some kind of Amazing WFMU Listeners Acts file.

Greg Lee

Brian--great blog, post, and mp3s...i used to work at what I always believed was one of the 'greatest progressive FM stations (KZEL FM Eugene, Oregon)..and we had the most amazing collection of promo IDs (everyone from The Firesign Theatre-who did many custom ones....Frank Zappa wishing us Merry Christmas, Peter Tosh doing the station call letters ID while smoking a spliff on the mic, ...just to name a few that come to mind....keep up the great work...greg


Even Mrs. Miller did one of those (scroll down). I'd love to hear it.

The television equivalent can be seen on the Dr. Strangelove DVDthere are clips of Peter Sellers and George C. Scott in costume, holding telephones and waiting patiently for the questions the "interviewers" at whatever local TV channel are asking. Stunningly cynical, really.


Loved this post!

The local-drop-in-during-a-song also happened with Starship's "We Built This City". I remember hearing Mark McEwan, former CBS Morning Weather man then a WNEW-FM DJ, drop in a "Where Rock lives" ID during that song. It was then that I thought that WNEW-FM had become totally lame. All the horrible things that have happened to that frequency (102.7 FM) is sad and at the same time well-deserved.


Thanks for this! I was thinking about some old WFMU radio cards recently. My voice was spliced in with other folks leaving messages for the beleagured music director on one.


On Dorian's shows "NiteCap" and "The Green Door", she'd often have celebrities do a little WFMU station IDs.

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