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August 02, 2005



this footage of the duo has been in circulation a while

(I believe this is an excerpt, it's worth the effort to find the rest)


NZ also reared the Verlaines and Jean-Paul Sartre Experience. As someone once remarked, there is the Experience and then there is Nothing.

Paul Simononymous

Back in '78, Robert Christgau wrote that Christ Child "is not punk rock. This is an ambitious, anonymous bunch of heavy metal pros who thought it might be timely to use the words "punk" and "New Wave" on the back of their debut LP..."

Whatever it is, it's pretty damn cool. I know that much.


hi, i wrote the 'spaz' track. mystery revealed. however i don't like how everyone is lauding it for being retarded. it's based on a sample of my younger brother, who is severely mentally handicapped. i asked him to sing into a mic and this was basically an attempt at a collaboration with him for his birthday. he's not retarded enough not to use the web and he's been crying in his room all day after reading some of the comments on this, and other websites. please try and think about the people behind the music before you post this kind of thing. thanks. -pidg


Hey, it's funny you posted that Lust Control song.. I've got a couple of their tapes, and the deal is, they were really a long-standing semi-joke conceived by the editors of a Christian rock magazine called Heaven's Metal at the time. Now it's just HM. They set out to be "the worst band ever," and made all their appearances in hunting masks, never to reveal their identities until they retired the band sometime arond 2000.



Does Juri Camisasca rock or what??!

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