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August 11, 2005



I love getting those emails from banks I hav never heard of. Especially since I've been going to the same bank since 1995 and have had the same accounts there all this time. But somewhere there isa bank out in South Africa thats going to shut down my account if I dont give them the info they need.

Krys O.

PayPal and eBay official correspondence addresses the users by name not "dear member" or "dear jerryleelewis@whitehouse.org".

I recently read that the Nigerian email scams are being perpetrated by unemployed college-educated young people in internet cafes.



I got one today that could have fooled me. It was from an "Ebay member" asking for the payment for some unnamed thing I ordered:

"I'm still waiting payment for my item for about 1 week. What happened? Please mail me ASAP or I will report you to ebay."

Actually I was monitoring the e-mail account for someone else who doesn't use Ebay. If it had come to my home account, it might have had more of impact, since I occasionally make purchases and want to keep my account free of negative feedback.

The response link went to some IP address, usually a dead giveaway to a spoof.


There is a good overview of phishing at:



Now you can fight back against these Phishers. Just enter the Phishers URL in http://www.PhishFighting.com and watch as 100's or 1000's of fake entries are continuously sent to the Phishers website. They won't be able to distinguash between real entries and the fake ones. Join the fight against Phishers.


Gosh, dude, that's terrible

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