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August 02, 2005



Posto fantastico. Those wanting more should seek out the 3 Bear Family "And The Answer Is ... volumes released sometime in the 90's.

Bonus round: can anyone please point to or post mp3's for any of the 3 "Billie Jean" answer songs?
Details at

Jayson Franklin

I know it's more modern, and completely more lame, but

No scrubs by TLC

was answerd by:

No pigeons by the sporty theives:

There are countless other modern hip hop examples, I'm sure.


I think "bear cat" by rufus thomas was the answer to "hound dog" by big mama thornton
But i'm not sure.

Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine
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Great list. Seems hip-hop has too many to include, otherwise you can't forget the countless Roxanne variations.


So happy to find the answer to Sloopy by the Debs. Also looking for Give Him My Love by the Debs. Can you find it?

Bill Brent

great list - is a cd available? I have many that aren't listed - but can't find one I've been in search of for years: Billy Swan's "Suzie we goofed again" - any leads?



for those interested - this weekend (nov 12/13) on the show "the vinyl resting place" will have a 2 hour special on answer songs. here's the play list....

---Save the last dance for me
---I'll save the last dance

----tossin and turnin
----tossin and turnin again

---alicia adams - oom dooby doom
---diamonds - she say oom dooby doom

---Mack the knife
---Mackie got married

--- work with me annie
---annie had a baby

---bobbettes - dance with me georgie
---Dovals - Bristol Twisting Annie

---Will you still love me tomorrow
---Yes I will love you tomorrow

---wake up little susie
---susie we goofed again

---little marie

---nat king cole - Please answer me my love

---Oh Pretty Woman
---arlene harden - lovin man

---Mother in law
---blossoms - son in law

---Want Ads
---bobo mr soul - answer to the want ads

---Tie a Yellow Ribbon
---connie francis - tie a yellow ribbon

---Shop Around
---debbie dean - don't let him shop arround
---laurie davis - don'cha shop around

---Roses are red
---Florraine Darlin - Long as the Rose Is Red

---Who put the bomp
---I put the bomp

---King of the road
---Jody Miller - Queen of the House

---big bad john
---big bad john part 2

---Johnny B Goode
---Molly B. Goode
---chuck berry - Bye Bye Johnny

Tom Diehl

I just wanted to point out that Paul Peek's Brother In Law (He's A Moocher) (the 45 label says Moocher, not Mooch as you have listed), has a skip in the mp3 at about 1:58 into the song. I've dubbed the song from my 45 and have a 192 bit mp3 ready to email to you as a replacement...anyone else who wants it can email me as well at [email protected] until i can get it sent to someone on this site to have replaced.


Didn't The Bobbettes answer themselves, as it were, when, after releasing 'Mr Lee', they followed it with 'I Shot Mr Lee'? Does that count as an 'answer record'?

Hans-Joachim Krohberger

Here are a lot of answer songs:


Just wanted to say thank very much. Thought i was the only one that remenber the Dawn of correction. Thank again.

Joe O.


Here's an illustrated list of answer records for those interested in finding more.

Lonnie Owens

looking for the Answer song for Big John...

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