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August 05, 2005



The rest of the LSDudes' site is worth checking out. They're unknown faves here in Detroit, and they've played with the Acid Mothers, Wolf Eyes, the Electric Six, and others throughout the years. check out the found photos at, too. Hooray for penis unicorns!


I wish my testicles were a unicorn head..

fatty jubbo

here's another HOBO PORN site. It has a very hilarious animation sequence and introduces each hobo in his awful toothlessness. I have been really fascinated by this site for a while because seemingly prim and proper women are making out with these disgusting men in the middle of nowhere.

the 'free tour' is limited, but you can bypass with:

and changing the gallery number. I think it goes up to 25 or something. Some of them seem to be really obvious fakes, but the true skankdom far exceeds them.

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